Samsung shared a piece of the Galaxy S21 FE with the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung has introduced a new color scheme for the Galaxy S22 in a number of regions, called Bora Purple. The name itself indicates a purple hue that complements the previously available black, white, green and gold variations. The new edition... Read more

Android 13 received the latest beta: when can we expect the final?

Google has announced the availability of the latest test build of Android 13, which is as close as possible to what will arrive in commercial builds. Google Pixel owners registered in the Android Beta program can already install the firmware.... Read more

All colors and memory configurations of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

August is just around the corner, and with it the big summer presentation of Galaxy Unpacked from Samsung. Its heroes will be the smart watch Galaxy Watch 5, the compact clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the top-end Galaxy Z... Read more

All details about Nubia Z40S Pro cameras: 4K@120fps, 2cm macro and more

Having announced the date of the Nubia Z40S Pro presentation the other day, the company began to actively talk about the features of the improved camera phone. So, a slider familiar to many iPhone and OnePlus owners has been added... Read more

Nothing Phone screen (1) suffers from a typical OLED problem (photo)

The official start of sales of Nothing Phone (1) starts on July 16, but already now some publications and bloggers have received the device in their hands to prepare reviews. And although this week there is an embargo on the... Read more

OPPO plans for the near future: Dragonfly, White Swan, ColorOS 13 and more

July turned out to be a hot month for the releases of many Chinese brands, some of which have already taken place, and some have yet to be released. At the same time, OPPO decided to wait out the storm... Read more

120, 150, 200 W: the prospects for fast charging and are there limits?

It is easy to see that super-powerful charging technologies have become a key area of development and competition among Chinese smartphone manufacturers. This is not surprising – Samsung solutions (up to 45 W) and even more so Apple (up to... Read more

Xiaomi Pad 6 Ultra? The company is preparing a couple of huge tablets

Samsung, having released a huge 14.6 “tablet Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra at the beginning of the year, did not leave competitors indifferent: Apple, which does not want to give this niche to Koreans, is already working on an iPad Pro... Read more

Preliminary launch dates for Realme GT 3 Master Edition

We barely had time to get acquainted with Realme GT 2 Master Explorer Edition , as discussions of its successor have already begun on the Web. Obviously, it is worth waiting for the device not earlier than winter, but the... Read more

Heatwave in Texas – Tesla asks residents not to charge electric cars during peak hours, and miners had to turn off their farms

Tesla has asked its customers in Texas not to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours so as not to overload the state’s power grid. However, the Texas Grid Operator (ERCOT) is urging residents to conserve electricity due to the... Read more

New Ukrainian messenger Dober: post-quantum cryptography, privacy, dedicated servers for business

Ukrainians are developing a secure messenger Dober , which will be useful for business, the army and just for the domestic market. Through the application, people will be able to exchange messages and audio, files, photos and videos, as well... Read more

Streams and podcasts: TOP 5 unusual microphones for PC

A true condenser microphone is expensive and requires an external sound card with +45 volt phantom power. A dynamic capsule is well suited only for professional recording, sitting strictly in front of the microphone at a fixed distance. Therefore, in... Read more

Microsoft begins testing the updated Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft continues to experiment with the Windows 11 taskbar user interface. The company is testing the return of the familiar search bar from Windows 10, as well as notification icons for the Widgets section. Help Windows 11 currently includes a... Read more

Director of Tesla Autopilot Andriy Karpaty leaves the company

Tesla is leaving another top manager and one of the most prominent specialists in the field of machine learning and computer vision – Andrey Karpaty , who until recently held the position of director of Tesla Autopilot, unexpectedly announced on... Read more

ASUS Unveils ExpertCenter E500 G9 Workstation Supporting NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Platform

ASUS has unveiled the new ExpertCenter E500 G9 workstation, delivering professional-level performance and flexible configuration options. It is suitable for tasks such as 3D design, rendering, modeling and visualization. The station also supports the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform, which helps... Read more

A successful debut launch of the European Vega-C rocket with a Ukrainian-made engine took place

A European Vega-C rocket was launched from a spaceport in French Guiana as part of a mission to put seven satellites into orbit. The largest of them – Lares-2 (Laser Relativity Satellite-2) – will test Einstein’s general theory of relativity.... Read more

The Prime Minister called on Korean businesses that left the Russian market to move their production to Ukraine

The Republic of Korea, being one of the regional leaders, can play a more prominent role in the world community’s efforts to help Ukraine. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal in his video address to... Read more

The Koreans introduced a serial Hyundai IONIQ 6 electric car: power up to 239 kW, batteries for 53/77 kWh and a cruising range of over 600 km

Exactly two weeks after the demonstration of the final design, the Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company officially announced the production version of the Hyundai IONIQ 6 electric car. The model is a sedan with the most aerodynamic “sloping” silhouette, its... Read more

There was a failure in the work of Twitter – the social network does not work in Ukraine and around the world

On the afternoon of July 14, Twitter experienced a major technical glitch. Around 15:00, users began to massively complain about problems – someone was thrown out of their account, and the rest could not update the feed. Help Updated [15:39]:... Read more

Apple Project Titan requires $1 billion a year, but is only good for demo videos, and in real traffic suffers from problems – program employees

The Apple Project Titan project to create self-driving cars throughout its 8-year history has faced setbacks and is forced to prove its promise to management. So say about two dozen people working on the program and well aware of the... Read more

Women will be registered for military registration only with their consent – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after working out proposals for taking women on the military list of those liable for military service, they decided to do this only with their consent. Help Order Order of... Read more

New trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power series hints at the battle with Sauron

Amazon Prime Video has released a new trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which gives viewers a glimpse into the Second Age of Middle-earth. Help The trailer begins with Galadriel’s narration when a young elf... Read more

PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program with points that can be used to top up your PSN wallet and purchase from the PS Store

Sony has announced a new loyalty program for PSN users called PlayStation Stars. Its launch will take place later this year (the exact date has not yet been announced), and everyone will be able to participate and win valuable prizes.... Read more

Magic Leap 2 Headset Coming September 30th Starting at $3,299

The new Magic Leap 2 mixed reality headset will be unveiled on September 30th. The device is expected to be lighter and more compact than the first generation model, and will also have a wider field of view. At the... Read more