NASA has decided on the timing of the first launch of the SLS heavy rocket. Launch window – from August 29 to September 5

After a series of delays and reschedules , NASA has finally set a launch date for the Space Launch System heavy rocket and the Orion spacecraft. Help According to NASA’s current plans, the prepared SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft will... Read more

The EU has expanded the possibilities of using a Ukrainian driver's license. What changed?

The EU has approved new rules that expand the ability to use Ukrainian driver’s licenses, the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports . Help We are talking about the new Regulation, which establishes special (softened) rules... Read more

Variety: Hollywood actors earn many times more from streaming and sequels than from original films

The Hollywood publication Variety analyzed the fees of American actors and came to interesting conclusions. It turns out that even well-known and popular actors can get relatively low money for original films, but when it comes to sequels or projects... Read more

Corsair launches two 32-inch gaming monitors with Quantum Dot IPS panels and support for frequencies up to 240 Hz

Corsair, known as a manufacturer of computer components, has prepared two new gaming monitors for release: Xeneon 32UHD144 and Xeneon 32QHD240. Help Both new products are equipped with 32-inch IPS panels based on Quantum Dot technology, which provide coverage of... Read more

Tesla got rid of most of the bitcoins and seems to have lost nothing

Tesla confirmed during its quarterly report that it sold the majority of its bitcoin last quarter, around 75%. The well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles did not specify the reasons for this decision. Help In February 2021, Tesla announced that it... Read more

How Ukrainian SKIF drone helps assess damage, design houses and find crop diseases

The first generation of controlled drones appeared during the First World War. The loudest American project, the Kettering Bug , was able to drop its wings on command from the ground and hit a target with itself – a sort... Read more

Google Pay becomes Google Wallet in Ukraine – the application is already available for download [What's new in it?]

At the beginning of the week, Google began distributing an update for its payment application in Ukraine and 38 other countries around the world: the application that we all used to know as Google Pay is now called Google Wallet,... Read more

All the details about the release of the former PS-exclusive Marvel Spider-Man on PC

Sony has revealed all the details about the release of Marvel Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Recall that we are talking about the game of the Insomniac studio, which was first released in 2018 on PS4, and in 2020 received a... Read more

Everything is bad – independent Western reviews of the Intel Arc A380 video card have been released

Western tech media have been frustrated with Intel’s approach to launching Arc Alchemist GPUs. The new discrete architecture was not only shelved, but made exclusive to one country. Nevertheless, the media found a way out of this situation, although it... Read more

Announcement of Xiaomi Redmi K50i – Dimensity 8100 in the flagship line

July 20, 2022, 22:16 Xiaomi introduced another flagship smartphone (under the Redmi sub-brand) K50 line in India. True, the Redmi K50i can be described simply and concisely – Redmi Note 11T Pro. Before us is its complete analogue both in... Read more

The NBU raised the official hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar by 25% at once, to UAH 36.56/dollar (it remains fixed). The regulator also introduced new restrictions

The National Bank of Ukraine from 9:00 on July 21, 2022 set a new official hryvnia exchange rate against the US dollar. The NBU exchange rate increased by 25% to UAH 36.5686/USD. USA. This correction was made taking into account... Read more

Samsung to ditch depth sensors in new Galaxy A

The poor sales of the Galaxy A series this year have forced Samsung to look for ways to make its devices cheaper to make them more competitive. As one way to do this, the company has decided to ditch depth... Read more

lifecell launched a new promotion "Roaming five" for subscribers in Moldova, Germany, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic

The mobile operator lifecell has launched a new promotion “Roaming Five” for subscribers in Moldova, Germany, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. Under the terms of the Roaming Five campaign, roamers can order 5 GB of mobile Internet at a... Read more

Samsung: foldable smartphones are now mainstream

Samsung, being a pioneer and undisputed leader in the foldable smartphone segment, has put a lot of effort into their development and popularization. Marking the 10th anniversary of the concept of foldable smartphones, Tae Moon Roh (TM Roh), president of... Read more

NVIDIA has created a neural network capable of creating 2D images of people and cats, and then transforming them into 3D objects

A team of researchers from NVIDIA and Stanford University has unveiled EG3D, a new hybrid network architecture for image generation. It can generate high-resolution, multi-view consistent 2D images of human and cat faces in real time. In addition, EG3D can... Read more

More about ASUS Zenfone 9: cameras, weight, charging and support timeline

ASUS doesn’t know how to keep secrets, which was recently confirmed by a leaked promo video for the compact 5.9″ flagship Zenfone 9. From there, we found out the main details of the filling, (120 Hz AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 8+... Read more

Marvel's Spider-Man on PC – trailer with key technical features, system requirements and start of pre-orders (1 399₴ on Steam and Epic Games)

In just three weeks, 2018’s next acclaimed former PlayStation exclusive, Spider-Man: Remastered, will be released on PC. The port was announced among many other games at the June State of Play , and now Sony has shared the details of... Read more

Nothing Phone (1) got three new problems

The more people get their hands on Nothing Phone (1) , the more new problems are revealed. This time it turned out that in some copies of the novelty, the auto-rotate function simply does not work. Other owners have complained... Read more

The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay video shows how the remake fights

Information about the gameplay of The Last of Us Part 1, a remake of the original game from 2013, began to leak into the network. At the same time, you can evaluate the combat mechanics and visual effects. Help Yup…... Read more

Victory? Google Play allowed the use of third-party payment systems

In the spring of next year, a new EU antitrust law will come into force, according to which technology giants (primarily Apple and Google) will be required to allow application developers to implement third-party payment systems in their projects. Given... Read more

Reports about “Zelensky’s grave condition” on Ukrainian radio stations are fake (Russian hackers got into the air)

On the morning of July 21, hackers spread a fake about “Zelensky’s grave condition” on Ukrainian radio stations – the attackers carried out a cyberattack on the servers and networks of TAVR Media radio stations. This was reported by “Suspilne”... Read more

Others too! Nothing responded to criticism of green light Phone (1)

While the first owners of Nothing Phone (1) are outraged by the crooked assembly and the “cancer” of the device’s screen , Nothing itself decided to respond to the very first of the discovered problems (and, concurrently, the most widespread).... Read more

Kottans launch a free Front-End course in Ukrainian – from August 1

The Ukrainian community of programmers Kottans launches a new free online Front-End course in Ukrainian. The course has two main stages: Stage0 starts on August 1st and runs until October 1st, and Stage1 starts on October 1st and runs for... Read more

iQOO 9T announcement date and price cap officially announced

Following the premiere of the iQOO 10 and 10 Pro in China, Vivo is preparing to present the iQOO 9T in India, a mysterious device that suddenly hit the media field just a week ago. The first teasers are rather... Read more

Announcement of Honor Tablet 8 – an affordable 12" tablet in metal with 8 speakers

Honor has expanded its tablet portfolio with the introduction of the Honor Tablet 8, an affordable multimedia solution for homework and school. The device offers a large 12″ IPS screen surrounded by narrow 7.2 mm bezels and a stereo system... Read more