Intel will produce MediaTek processors

MediaTek is one of the world’s largest processor manufacturers, with chips powering two billion devices every year. However, it does not have its own factories, and TSMC produces almost all the chips. Despite the highest level of technology, the Taiwanese company no longer looks like a very reliable partner: the demand for its services exceeds the supply, and TSMC cannot always cope with orders. Now this problem is partly solved – MediaTek has become a client of Intel Foundry Services, an Intel division that manufactures third-party chipsets at the facilities of the Californian giant.

Intel окончательно прекратила деятельность в России

As part of this deal, Intel received a very large customer who will be able to load both existing and planned capacities with work. In turn, MediaTek receives “geographical diversification”: if earlier all the company’s processors were produced on one island, then Intel’s factories are scattered all over the world, including the USA and Europe. What kind of chips for MediaTek will be produced by Intel is still unknown – in a press release, the company limited itself to the wording “different chips for different smart edge devices” (some IoT gadgets are called edge devices, but it is not clear whether Intel and MediaTek mean this). How do you think the partnership will affect the prices and quality of MediaTek products?

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According to Intel

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