MediaTek has taken over the AnTuTu mid-range, but Qualcomm doesn't give up

August 01, 2022, 17:38

The last couple of years in the mobile hardware market have been interesting changes. And all because of MediaTek, which added Qualcomm’s headache with its Dimensity family. This year the company has pleased Dimensity 9000 in the flagship segment and Dimensity 8100/8000 in the middle class. If 9000 in AnTuTu scores loses to the eighth “dragon”, then Dimensity 8100 is doing well in its class. According to the results of July, the top 7 lines of the corresponding rating were occupied by devices based on Dimensity 8100/8100-MAX, among which OnePlus Ace itself became the best (we had it in our review).

This magnificent seven is followed by OPPO K10 5G on Dimensity 8000-MAX, and only then two fighters on Snapdragon 870 step forward. The most popular configuration is 12/256 GB (four models), then 8/256 GB (three). Redmi Note 11T Pro smartphones stand apart: the model of the same name with 6/128 GB of memory, and Redmi Note 11T Pro + stood out with a strange combination of 8/512 GB.

MediaTek захватила средний класс AnTuTu, но Qualcomm не сдается

In the entry-level segment, everything is stable: Snapdragon 778G rules the world! The latest Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 on the flagship 4nm architecture as part of OPPO Reno 8 Pro took an honorable second place, losing to IQOO Z5 on the already mentioned Snapdragon 778G. IQOO Z5x with Dimensity 900 is the only representative of MediaTek in this chart, it also closes it. In terms of memory configuration, the situation is reversed with respect to the middle peasants: four models for 8/256 GB and three models for 12/256 GB. 512 GB is not here yet, but there are still options for 8/128 GB. Once again, we remind you that AnTuTu is an indicator of trends, but not the actual performance of gadgets. We give you answers on power in our reviews. Don’t miss out on new ones very soon!

MediaTek захватила средний класс AnTuTu, но Qualcomm не сдается

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According to AnTuTu

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