Goodbye Sierra Blue! New Color Lineup for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro

August 04, 2022, 09:16

The iPhone 14 family, which will debut in a month, promises to be the most diverse in the 15-year history of the iPhone. Different design (bangs and holes), different hardware (younger models are credited with the old chipset), different screens (60 Hz in regular and 120 Hz in firmware) and a new iPhone 14 Max model. And if this riot of aspects is not enough for you, Apple will also shuffle the colors. According to the latest data, the color palette of the base models will again include green, blue, white, black and red options, but pink will be replaced by the purple familiar from the iPhone 12. The same color will come to be introduced into the older iPhone 14 Pro, replacing blue (Sierra Blue). Four other options will remain: green, silver, gold and graphite.

Новый состав расцветок iPhone 14 и iPhone 14 Pro

Новый состав расцветок iPhone 14 и iPhone 14 Pro

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