Ignorance is power! Google hides important data from Android users

August 04, 2022, 12:48

“Whoever owns the information owns the world”, a well-known phrase sounds, the relevance of which has multiplied with the advent of the information age. Meanwhile, large IT corporations, who know the value of any information like no one else, periodically deprive users of certain small, but often important and useful sources of data. The most high-profile case was the hiding of YouTube’s dislike counter , although prior to that, Google at some point decided to interrupt the publication of Android adoption reports (which, as you know, leave much to be desired).

Незнание – сила! Google прячет от Android-пользователей важный элемент

This time, the “corporation of goodness” took over Google Play. In the beta version of the store, enthusiasts found that when you open the page of any application in the “About the application” section, the current version number is no longer displayed. And although this may be a banal mistake, hardly anyone would be surprised if the line with the application version disappears in the release version of Google Play. No wonder that Google, in the end, abandoned the slogan “Don’t be evil” (“Do not be evil”)?

Незнание – сила! Google прячет от Android-пользователей важный элемент

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