Apple looks to be dropping 3.5mm jack from base iPad

Apple looks to be dropping 3.5mm jack from base iPad

Apple has phased out the headphone jack on its iPhone line of smartphones and some iPads such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. And now the company seems poised to drop it from the iPad altogether. This is evidenced by renders of the upcoming entry-level model – there is no 3.5mm jack on either the top or bottom of the device.


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MySmartPrice says the CAD renderings are from a case maker working on accessories for the 10th generation iPad. Looking at the images, Apple is preparing a significant update to the classic iPad design, which has remained virtually untouched for years. Overall, the new iPad has the same flat-sided aesthetic as the latest iPhones, iPads, 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, and 2022 MacBook Airs.

According to available information, the new entry-level iPad will retain the Home button, as well as large bezels above and below the display. In this case, the screen should be larger than the current 10.2-inch model. On the back is a redesigned camera, reminiscent of the module from the iPhone X. The updated iPad uses a USB-C port. The renders also hint at the presence of four speakers, although currently only iPad Pro series devices can boast such equipment.

As expected, the 10th generation iPad is likely to be announced this fall.


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Java evening

Source: The Verge

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