iPhone 14 release may be delayed due to politics

August 06, 2022, 19:20

Apple is finalizing the iPhone 14 quartet, which is expected to be released in the first half of September. However, the current political situation may confuse Yabloko’s cards. We are talking about the conflict between China and Taiwan, which arose on the basis of the official visit of top US official Nancy Pelosi to the territory unrecognized by China. One of the responses of the Chinese authorities to this political gesture was the new customs rules for products imported into China, which will also affect Apple partners. It is now forbidden to mention Taiwan or the Republic of China (as the island politically identifies itself) in documentation and product labeling. Violation of this rule may lead to a delay in customs procedures, and subsequently to a delayed launch of the iPhone 14.

Релиз iPhone 14 может задержаться из-за конфликта Китая и Тайваня

The main blow in this context, according to the source, will fall on Pegatron, which assembles the iPhone for Apple. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the management of the plant “lit up” in photographs with Pelosi, which allegedly angered the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, Apple continues to reorient iPhone production from China to India, in which it has achieved some success – India will not have a significant failure in terms of production start dates in the case of the iPhone 14. Recall that it was previously reported that various problems with display and camera suppliers created problems in the production of the iPhone 14. Which of all this is true is difficult to say – Apple does not comment on such rumors. We will follow the development of this situation.

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