Live Photos of Samsung Galaxy (Z) Fold 4 and Galaxy (Z) Flip 4

August 06, 2022, 18:58

Only a few days remain before the official presentation of the new products of the Galaxy Z folding series. According to some reports, the Koreans will abandon the Z, and therefore on Wednesday we are waiting for the Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4. Whatever the naming, smartphones have already been formed, and we could already be seen in a series of press photos. Moreover, the first copies are already on hand. Evidence? Please! The photos below are published by the little-known channel @noh_tech. On them we can see the blue Flip and, it seems, the same gray-green Fold. The main attention should be paid to the execution of the hinge. The “invisible” front of the Galaxy Fold 4 is still visible. The rest is more or less the same as its predecessors. We will learn more specifically about the benefits on August 10th.

© Artur Luchkin. mobile phone

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