Heat and seals: Black Shark 5 Pro passed durability tests (video)

August 09, 2022, 02:13

Blogger JerryRigEverything got his hands on a Black Shark 5 Pro gaming phone, which, among other things, is equipped with a 120-watt charger, which is quite rare at the moment. Interesting? Still would! Therefore, before starting the traditional stress tests for the gadget, he undertook to check how this whole thing works. It turned out impressively, but there is a nuance – the gadget is heated to the state of “unpleasant to hold.” Well, when it cooled down, the author showed how the display, rear glass, metal frame, triggers and finger scanner resist gross damage. The final step was the bend test. Zack did not count it as an “automatic”, despite the cute kitten on the wallpaper, but Black Shark’s help was not needed – the device bent, but did not give a hint of death. In general, it is better to see once …

Нагрев и котики: Black Shark 5 Pro прошел тесты на прочность (видео)

© Artur Luchkin. mobile phone

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