A traitor in leadership and communication with the Russians – what was wrong with the preparation of the mission of the Ukrainian satellite "Sich-2-1" ("Sich-2-30") and the space agency of Ukraine

A traitor in leadership and communication with the Russians - what was wrong with the preparation of the mission of the Ukrainian satellite "Sich-2-1" ("Sich-2-30") and the space agency of Ukraine

After a long preparation, Ukraine has finally sent its Sich-2-1 (Sich-2-30) satellite into space. At first, they wanted to dedicate this event to the 30th anniversary of Independence, but did not have time. Therefore, the actual launch took place almost six months later – in January 2022 .


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Soon there was information that the satellite had switched to power saving mode . And after that, there was no news at all about the Sich-2-30 satellite. The fact is that he does not work, although during the military aggression of Russia he could help the Ukrainian military. As evidenced by a letter from the Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Pavel Ryabikin addressed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, it was not possible to establish a normal connection with the satellite. It is also noted that the so-called permanent commission chaired by the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) was created with the participation of leading enterprises in the space industry, which should establish the reasons for the loss of the satellite. But the reason for the failure of the mission was never established. Recall that this program cost more than UAH 200 million, which can now be said to be uselessly lost.

But that’s not all. As it turned out, an official from the SSAU, whom the SBU recently accused of treason, was involved in the launch of the Sich-2-30 satellite, and during the arrest he shot back. SSAC issued a statement that the suspected treason works in a subsidiary. As the AIN resource notes, referring to its own sources, we are talking about Vyacheslav Onisko, the head of the Carpathian Department of Regional Development and Coordination of the NTsUIKS (National Center for Control and Testing of Space Vehicles). This center carries out spacecraft flight control, deep space exploration using its own technical means, space control and geophysical monitoring, and testing of space technology. And now the SBU accuses the head of this institution of treason.

These are not all the amazing events around the Sich-2-1 (Sich-2-30) satellite. As it turned out, among the contractors was a company with strong ties to Russia and even Roskosmos. To launch Sich-2-30, they negotiated with Exolaunch, which Ukrainian officials called the “official partner of SpaceX.” But it’s not. Exolaunch has signed a contract with SpaceX to buy seats in bulk on the Falcon 9 to launch small satellites, which are already being resold to retail customers. One of the leaders of Exolaunch turned out to be Russian Zhanna Medvedeva, who previously worked in the Roscosmos structure. Exolaunch is also a representative of Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of Roscosmos.

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With such a foundation, the failure of the Sich-2-1 (Sich-2-30) mission no longer looks strange. Usually, under such circumstances, the leader who failed to cope with the work and led to the failure of the project resigns. But not in Ukrainian realities. Head of SSAU Volodymyr Taftai continues to hold his position and is probably preparing new Ukrainian space projects.

Source: AIN , zaborona

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