Official poster and live photo of Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 before the announcement

August 11, 2022, 07:11

A little less than 7 hours remain until the big presentation of Xiaomi, the main novelty of which will be the foldable Xiaomi Mix Fold 2. And although we formed an idea of u200bu200bits design from a poster leaked to the Web, the company could not resist the temptation to show the device to the public half a day before the launch, and even in the company with a couple of other new products: Buds 4 Pro headphones and Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro. According to the inscriptions on the camera block, the range of focal lengths covered varies between 15mm (wide) and 45mm (almost 2x telephoto), and the aperture of the cameras will be in the range of f / 1.8-f / 2.6.

Официальный рендер и живое фото Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 перед анонсом

Yes, yes, Xiaomi marketers for some reason decided to design an ordinary simple TV set so that it looks like an expensive periscope with a rectangular window – just like they recently did in the budget Vivo . And the first live shot of the Mix Fold 2 surfaced on the Web, and even in the second color: silver. Recall that the presentation of Xiaomi starts at 14:00 Moscow time.

Официальный рендер и живое фото Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 перед анонсом

© Vladimir Kovalev. mobile phone

According to Xiaomi

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