Robots work hard: Xiaomi introduced the public to the CyberOne robot

August 11, 2022, 19:14

Today’s grand presentation of Xiaomi ended with a very unusual announcement. Meet the leather ones, this is CyberOne – a humanoid robot with a height of 177 cm and a weight of 52 kg. The robot can walk, answer questions and carry small objects with one hand (a flower or something else weighing up to 1.5 kg), display the necessary visual information using a screen placed in its head, and recognize 85 different environmental sounds, reacting , in particular, on the emotion of speech. Mi Sense, Xiaomi’s own algorithms, is responsible for spatial vision.

At this stage, the project is crude and is only the first stage in the development of Xiaomi’s own humanoid robots (not counting the previously presented robops). Further efforts by the Xiaomi Robot Labs team will focus on expanding “emotional intelligence”, which will allow CyberOne and its followers to better interact with the user through a deep understanding of emotions. In the meantime… Take a selfie!

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