OnePlus 10T gets another camera update a week later

02 September 2022, 09:20

OnePlus continues to surprise with its agility in updating the recent OnePlus 10T . Just 7 days ago, the device received the OxygenOS A.06 update , and right now the owners of global models are reporting the release of an even more recent OxygenOS A.07 update package. This time, the company is announcing improvements to the touchscreen in games and the introduction of Android security patches for August. In addition, the improvement of the stability of the network and Wi-Fi is mentioned. OnePlus also continued to refine the cameras: optimized the work of the width in Night Mode and the front camera in Portrait Mode, as well as shooting in backlit conditions. Finally, a fix for random crashes in certain scenarios is mentioned.

Спустя неделю OnePlus 10T получает ещё один апдейт с улучшением камер

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