AirPods Pro 2 to debut alongside iPhone 14 at Apple launch September 7 – Bloomberg's Mark Gurman

Already on Wednesday, September 7, the first autumn presentation of Apple “Far Out” will take place , the central place in which is given to the iPhone 14 smartphone line. However, as always, their premiere is accompanied by other news,... Read more

LG adds NFT to its OLED and LED TVs (US only for now)

Following some other technology companies, LG has also become interested in the possibilities of NFT. For example, the company launched the new LG Art Lab platform, available on its TVs running webOS 5.0 or later. Help In fact, LG Art... Read more

Amazon 'frozen' reviews for 'The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power' for three days – on the day of the premiere, the show attracted 25 million viewers

User reviews for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power will be published on the Amazon Prime Video page after a 72-hour delay. Thus, the company wants to contain the wave of review bombing – spam of negative reviews... Read more

The most interesting new films of September 2022

The first month of autumn does not sparkle with blockbusters, but during these 30 days, movie lovers will find a screen adaptation of the Ukrainian comic strip Maxim Osa, several horror films, a comedy with George Clooney and Julia Roberts,... Read more

Google Pixel 7 Pro on believable unboxing video ahead of upcoming reveal

Google, as history shows, has big problems with maintaining the confidentiality of information about its own developments – working prototypes of future gadgets are constantly forgotten in different months. Such “plums” negate the effect of surprise presentations and it seems... Read more

TikTok hacked – data of 2 billion users stolen (or not?)

On specialized forums and social networks over the weekend, a message appeared about a large-scale hacking of the American division of TikTok. The hacker claims to have extracted 2 billion records from the database. However, an analysis of the published... Read more

In the Kharkiv region, the cyber police exposed a group of scammers who, using the scheme with POS-terminals and sole proprietorships, “heated up” banks for more than UAH 1 million

In the Kharkiv region, employees of the cybercrime counteraction department, together with the investigative department of the regional police, exposed a large-scale fraudulent scheme organized by an enterprising 20-year-old Kharkiv resident. Help The person involved in the case attracted three... Read more

A collection of thousands of exclusive game consoles is on sale on eBay – for almost €1 million

French eBay user Kaori30 sells over 2,200 game consoles, including many models, color options and special editions. The asking price for this 50-year slice of gaming history is €984,000. In addition to exclusive, limited-edition gaming consoles, the collection includes several... Read more

Impressions from the first episodes of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power / The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The first two episodes of the new fantasy series The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power have been released on Amazon Prime. The most anticipated premiere of the fall claims the place of “Game of Thrones”, and also causes... Read more

Ukraine joined the Digital Europe program with a budget of 7.5 billion euros for supercomputers, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and two more digital areas

Ukraine and the EU signed five agreements on cooperation in various fields at once as part of a two-year plan for integration into the European Union, Prime Minister Denys Shmigal announced on his Telegram channel . Help One of the... Read more

NVIDIA strengthened its position in the video card market with a general decline in PC sales – 79.6% versus 20% for AMD

NVIDIA has maintained its dominant position in the discrete GPU market despite the sharp drop in gaming graphics card revenue in the second quarter of 2022. “Greens” occupied almost 80% of the market, and AMD’s share fell to 20%. Help... Read more

Ukraine will connect Europe and Asia with an underwater Internet cable across the Black Sea – Mintsifra will cooperate with Vodafone Group

The Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine has agreed to cooperate with the international telecom giant Vodafone Group in order to implement several ambitious projects. More specifically, the plans now include the construction of a submarine cable across the Black... Read more

Apple Watch Pro will probably get one or two additional physical buttons to the left of the screen

On September 7, Apple will hold its traditional autumn presentation – in addition to the iPhone 14 line of smartphones, several more important Pro-new products are expected to be there. And it’s not just the AirPods Pro 2 TWS headphones... Read more

Ukrainian hackers tricked Russians of coordinates of their base near Melitopol using fake social media profiles of attractive women – FT

The Ukrainian fight against the Russian invasion has several fronts. In addition to the obvious military resistance to the invaders by the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, many Ukrainians are successfully fighting on the information and economic fronts,... Read more

China accuses NSA hackers of stealing space data from university

According to the findings of the China National Virus Response Center, the US National Security Agency’s Office of Specialized Access Operations carried out attacks on Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an. The attention of hackers allegedly received data from programs on... Read more

Google recommends updating Chrome – hackers are already using a new vulnerability

Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac and Linux need to install the latest browser update to protect against a serious security vulnerability that hackers are already actively exploiting. Help Google reported the exploit CVE-2022-3075 on September 2nd. An anonymous whistleblower... Read more