Remote work in Ukraine: there are fewer vacancies, and IT specialists still have the highest salaries — UAH 77,300 [Research]

Remote work in Ukraine: there are fewer vacancies, and IT specialists still have the highest salaries — UAH 77,300 [Research]

The expert and analytical center of the recruitment portal in a new study of the labor market of Ukraine recorded a decline in the segment of remote work. According to their analysis, in September the share of current vacancies involving work at a distance fell to 7% (a year ago this figure was at the level of 10%).


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In, the decline is associated with two possible factors:

  • easing of covid restrictions that “removed themselves” after the start of the war;
  • a change in the mood of employers who are looking for a reliable option, that is, a specialist who is in one place during wartime, and not often busy moving, sacrificing the quality of work.

Regions with more telecommuting vacancies

The capital remains the leader in the activity rating — 60% of all current remote work vacancies fall in Kyiv. The second place with a large gap is occupied by another relatively safe region – Lviv region (11%). The top three is closed by the Dnipropetrovsk region (6%) – the labor market of this region holds the first positions in many ratings, despite the proximity of active hostilities. The fourth-fifth line with the same indicator of 4% is shared by Kharkiv and Odessa regions. Before the war, this ranking included the Donetsk region, but now the labor market there is going through a difficult time.

Who are employers most often looking for in a remote format?

The greatest need at the present time – and there are no surprises here – is in IT specialists: IT, the Internet, and telecommunications now account for 37% of vacancies. The share of vacancies for the remote work format of sales specialists is approximately half as much – 18%. The third place in the ranking of the most popular remote work vacancies is occupied by the category “marketing, advertising, PR” – 13%.


Full Stack evening

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Full Stack evening

An interesting fact is that administrative staff are allowed to work remotely in 6% of cases, and top management representatives in 2%.

Most often, employers do not have strict requirements for experience – 16% of vacancies do not require even minimal experience. The leader is the interval from 1 to 3 years – 62%. Experience from 3 to 6 years is required by 21% of employers, and more than 6 years is required by only 1% of companies. If we compare the indicators with the pre-war period, then a trend is clearly visible – employers began to pay less attention to search engines with no experience for positions with a remote work format: for example, in the spring of 2021 there were 30-40% of such vacancies.

Who makes the most money remotely?

Here, again, there is nothing to be surprised at: IT specialists earn the most – 77,300 UAH. The level of salaries of IT-specialists is almost twice as high as that of representatives of the “top management” category (UAH 40,000). The top three most highly paid professionals also include marketing, advertising, PR – UAH 26,800.

What kind of remote work are specialists looking for?

Now employees are more inclined to remote work than employers – in percentage terms, this model accounts for much more resumes than vacancies (28% vs. 9%). Despite the fact that employers rarely look for experienced searchers for remote work, the majority of resumes are from such workers: 61% of candidates have more than 6 years of experience. Only 13% of specialists have no experience. 10% of specialists have experience from 1 to 3 years, 16% – from 3 to 6 years.

Gender has little effect: Among remote job seekers, 55% are male and the remaining 45% are female. The most active age group is from 18 to 30 years old (37% of vacancies).

It is expected that with age, the activity for remote work decreases, and the commitment to the classical version of employment increases. The age group of 50-60 years old accounts for only 7% of resumes. As for the most popular professions: here search engines are in complete harmony with employers, because most of all resumes with the desired remote work format from programmers and developers – 9%. True, sales managers and account managers have the same indicator. The third position with 6% is occupied by designers and artists.


At the same time, Freelancehunt analysts in a recent study recorded a 30% increase in demand for freelance services in Ukraine over the summer and predicted the most “autumn boom”, as more and more entrepreneurs fully resume their activities and adapt their business to new realities.

Demand for freelance services in Ukraine grew by 30% over the summer [Research by Freelancehunt]

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