Review of the film "Bodies, bodies, bodies" / Bodies Bodies Bodies

Youth horror slashers are a popular genre of modern cinema. All thanks to the versatility of the formula, which can be adjusted and modified in any way, as well as the target audience. After all, she is about as young... Read more

Netflix Films Adaptation of Stephen King's Short Story – 'Mr Harrigan's Phone' Coming in October

Netflix has released the trailer for the adaptation of Stephen King’s short story ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’. In the trailer, Craig, played by Jaeden Martell (It and Knives Out), talks to Mr. Harrigan, the aging billionaire played by Donald Sutherland. Help... Read more

Ig Nobel Prize 2022: Mayan alcohol enemas, constipation in scorpions and elk crash test dummy

On September 15, the 32nd Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held – a parody of the Nobel Prize has been awarded annually since 1991 for “achievements” that “first cause laughter, and then reflection.” This year, as in previous years, it... Read more