Massive GTA VI Leak Was Rockstar's Nightmare – 18-Year-Old Uber Cracker Responsible

A large amount of material related to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI from Rockstar Games has been leaked online. A post appeared on the GTAForums forum with a Zip file and the following text: Help “Here are 90 images/clips... Read more

Rating of the best processors in Ukraine – TOP-10 models

We have compiled our own selection of the best, in our opinion, processors that you can buy in Ukraine. The list includes 10 modern CPUs: five each from AMD and Intel in different price categories. We will not consider the... Read more

McDonald's will open the first three restaurants in Kyiv tomorrow – at first they will work only for delivery

McDonald’s begins a phased opening of restaurants to launch McDelivery – tomorrow, September 20, the first three restaurants in Kyiv will start working. Help First, McDelivery will work in three restaurants in Kyiv – on Bazhana Avenue, 3v, on the... Read more

Intel Processor instead of Pentium and Celeron in laptops – the company is abandoning famous brands in the 2023 line

In an announcement on the official website on September 16, Intel introduced Intel® Processor, a new brand of processors that will replace Celeron and Pentium in its 2023 laptop product line. Help “The new Intel Processor brand will simplify our... Read more

Ferrari has unveiled the Purosangue, its first crossover with a 725 hp V12 engine. and "suicide doors"

The first crossover in the 75-year history of Ferrari should go on sale in early 2023, but the company has already received applications for a year ahead – even the price tag of 390,000 euros did not frighten buyers. Help... Read more

EVGA breaks relations with NVIDIA and will not produce RTX 4000 – the reason for the "disrespectful attitude" and falling prices for video cards

EVGA has announced that it will not release NVIDIA graphics cards after the RTX 3000 series. According to the company, the actual break of the 22-year partnership with NVIDIA was due to “disrespectful attitude.” In particular, the “greens” are accused... Read more

Lockheed Martin hands over 300 kW laser weapon to US military

Lockheed Martin has delivered its most powerful laser to date to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Development ahead of schedule. Now it can be installed in new demonstration models of laser weapons designed to... Read more

We treat blackout inexpensively – affordable and compact means of backup power supply and heating

The energy system of Ukraine as a whole is quite resilient. There are many power generating enterprises in the country, the failure of some of the capacities will not lead to some kind of global blackout. Sudden shutdown of large... Read more

The Ministry of Health allowed the second booster against COVID-19 for everyone and the vaccination of children from 5 years

As expected, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine allowed the second booster vaccination against COVID-19 for everyone, and at the same time updated the vaccination schedules. The relevant decree was adopted by the Ministry of Health on September 2 on... Read more

Google mistakenly paid ethical hacker $250,000 – it took him three weeks to get his money back (support didn't respond to emails)

The ethical hacker received almost $250,000 from Google and was very surprised by this payment, since he did not expect any payments from the company. He told about the unexpected reward of $250,000 from Google on his Twitter. Help It’s... Read more

Apple says goodbye to the “bangs”: the Dynamic Island function can be added to all iPhone 15 models

The release of the iPhone 14 took place just a few days ago, and analysts are already predicting what Apple’s next generation smartphones will be like. In particular, experts expect Dynamic Island to appear on all iPhone 15 models ,... Read more

Instagram launched new features for teenagers and parents in Ukraine

Meta announced the creation of new Instagram tools to help young users better track their time while using the app. Help Instagram will also send special notifications to young users that will encourage them to view new content if they... Read more

Oxford physicists have confused atomic clocks and improved their accuracy: if dark matter exists, we are one step closer to detecting it

British scientists in a recent study measured the frequency difference between two optical atomic clocks based on entangled strontium ions and proved that such measurements will be more accurate than measurements on a single or non-entangled clock. Help Atomic clocks,... Read more