Drop test iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (video)

September 21, 2022, 12:08

Apple still calls the Ceramic Shield glass that protects the screen of the new iPhone 14 the strongest in the industry. The authors of the PhoneBuff YouTube channel decided to check this statement, taking for comparison the top-end iPhone 14 Pro Max and the no less top-end Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The very first fall onto the lid from a height of one and a half meters for both models ended in failure:

The backs of the devices were covered with cobwebs, and in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the lens of the main 48-megapixel camera was also damaged. The fall at a corner worsened the position of the apple novelty in a steel frame, while the aluminum body of the Korean received more noticeable dents, but saved the glass from further destruction. The final touch was a throw from 1.5 meters screen down, as a result of which both models were now broken from both sides. As a result, both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Galaxy S22 Ultra scored an equal number of points.

Дроп-тест iPhone 14 Pro Max против Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (видео)

© Vladimir Kovalev. mobile phone

According to youtube.com

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