Google Tasks integrates reminders, assistant and calendar

Google Tasks integrates reminders, assistant and calendar

Google announced that it is working on a major update to Google Tasks: in addition to introducing new features and simplifying the task adding tool, the application is finally integrating a reminder system, calendar and assistant.


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The company blog says the changes should make Tasks a better to-do list app and could also make it easier to work with Google’s common task management tools.

As a result, Tasks should become the hub for all user tasks in Google products – with the click of a button, it will be possible to add any Gmail thread to the to-do list and return to it later, or create a calendar reminder that will appear in both the schedule and tasks. Telling your virtual assistant “Hey Google, remind me to take out the trash at 9” will also show up in Google Tasks.

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Over the years, oddly enough for such a large and intelligent company, many collaborative applications have been separated. Google Reminders and Google Tasks were unrelated—calendar reminders were different from note reminders or assistant reminders. The only place where you could see all your tasks in one place was Google Calendar – but that didn’t make any sense.

This good attempt at aggregation, however, missed Notes (Google Keep) – it’s likely that the app will still work on its own.

Microsoft To Do is a good example of what Google should be aiming for: the app combines tasks in Outlook, Planner and Teams so that the user can get a complete picture of all the things they are doing, wherever they are. Of course, this company also has its own systemic problems – Tasks, To Do and Outlook Tasks are still separate applications, but Microsoft is moving in the right direction.

It is also widely believed that Google Tasks is not a particularly powerful application. Tasks is fine for creating one or more reminder lists and starring the most important tasks, but it lacks some basic project management features like automatic sorting or priority levels, so it’s hard to search for tasks. In addition, if you use two Google accounts (personal and work), you can get confused in two completely unrelated lists.

It’s unlikely that Google Tasks will cause many users to abandon their favorite to-do list apps, but the work to improve its ecosystem is a good sign. The company launched Tasks in 2018 , then seems to have completely forgotten about it – the update message means that the company has put “tasks” on its priority list and perhaps soon the application will be brought to the ideal.

Ilya Brown, Google’s vice president of product management, said the new Tasks interface will be available in the coming months. First, it will be available at the request of the user, after which it will be implemented by default for everyone.

Google also recently announced that it is now possible to request the deletion of personal information (phone number, email or home address) directly from the search results page. Previously, this required going to the support page and filling out a form by entering the appropriate URL.

Source: The Verge

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