YouTube blogger tested the Crash Detection function on the iPhone 14: for this he had to crash his old car

YouTube blogger tested the Crash Detection function on the iPhone 14: for this he had to crash his old car

In early reviews of the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the “Crash Detection” function was repeatedly mentioned – however, no one checked this in real circumstances, since Apple could remove it altogether due to security reasons. After the release of new models, the company can no longer interfere with the owners and they can see if the function really works, which was recently done by the author of the TechRax YouTube channel.


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In the description of the channel, which, by the way, is run by a Ukrainian, it says “I’ve been destroying equipment since 2011,” so the task of checking the iPhone 14 with an impromptu accident was not particularly difficult for the author. The old Mercury Grand Marquis, which was chosen for the crash test, was equipped with a remote-controlled installation so that the car could be accelerated and it crashed into stationary targets – cars from a junkyard.

An iPhone 14 Pro was attached to the back of the headrest of the driver’s seat and a GoPro camera was installed to record what was happening. The blogger noted that everything was filmed “in a safe and controlled environment,” but after watching the video, it’s hard to agree with this statement.

In testing, the TechRax team was able to get Apple’s crash detection system to fire twice. Both times the feature activated approximately 20 seconds after the crash. The emergency call was canceled – the benefit of the countdown gives the user enough time to do this.


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The first accident slightly crushed the fender of the car, but the second time the crash brought more serious damage – even both airbags worked.

Crash Detection is available for all iPhone 14 and new Apple Watch models. The function uses an improved gyroscope, a new g-force accelerometer, microphones (recognize loud sounds during an accident), a barometer (detects changes in cabin pressure), GPS (fixes information about changes in speed) and an improved algorithm to determine whether the owner of the gadget was in an accident , and can automatically connect you to emergency services.

Even if you lose consciousness, the device will automatically play an audio message for emergency services and tell them your coordinates.

Apple says Crash Detection also relies on advanced algorithms that have been “learned from over a million hours of real-world driving.” This promises to minimize false positives and prevent erroneous calls to emergency services.

Crash Detection is included in gadgets by default.

In addition to Crash Detection, the iPhone 14 lineup features Emergency SOS satellite communication. It will help you get help in remote areas where there is poor or no mobile coverage. Users will be required to fill out a short questionnaire describing a problem, such as a vehicle problem or a medical emergency. After that, a notification will appear on where to direct the phone to connect to the satellite.

Once the connection is established, the information will be “transferred to centers staffed by Apple-trained professionals who can call for assistance on behalf of the user.” Owners will also be able to manually report their location via satellite using the Find My feature.

Source: Techspot, Carcoops

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