VIDEO: POCO M5 and M5s review – when one letter decides a lot

October 06, 2022, 14:51

In early September, the premiere of POCO M5 and POCO M5s took place, which have already arrived on Russian shelves. Looking at their names, you might think that this is the same device with slight differences in the filling, but this would be a big mistake. We have studied both novelties and are ready to talk about the differences (of which there are many) and which audience this or that model will suit. Also, in a fresh review from Kyrgyzstan, we discuss the screens and stuffing of POCO M5 and M5s, compare the cameras (for examples of photos and videos, see the link below) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both newcomers. The issue of stability in game scenarios and throttling, which here (spoiler!) is scanty, did not go unnoticed. Look!

ВИДЕО: обзор POCO M5 и M5s – когда одна буква решает многое

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