English through movies

How to learn English through movies

Learning English can be challenging when it comes to traditional learning methods. An alternative option is to watch a well-known Russian or Soviet film with English subtitles or voice acting. You can do this at sovietmoviesonline.com, where there is a large selection of such works. The result is that a person begins to understand and speak English better. If you ignore the opportunity, you will have to learn a foreign language in the traditional way, which is often too difficult, and a good result is not guaranteed.
How it works
Language learning through films works according to the following simple algorithm:

The viewer watches a movie, hears a translation in a foreign language, or reads subtitles;

At an unconscious level, a comparison is made between the words heard and those that are already in the memory of a particular person;

The imprinting method is turned on, during which a new language is imprinted on a person.

Education takes place in a similar way to that by which young children learn their native language. They don’t learn the rules, they don’t go through specific words. It’s just that when immersed in the language environment, the language is imprinted into the mind.
In an adult state, this method does not work so well, so it will not be possible to learn the language at the native level in this way. An alternative option is that it will take several years to be in the language environment.
But watching films in a foreign translation or with English subtitles achieves the goal. English is thus studied at a decent level for most people.
Additional Information
Despite the fact that the imprinting method works worse with age, we must not forget about the conscious mechanism of learning. Since we are talking about films known to all, the viewer can additionally learn on a conscious level how to correctly build a phrase or write a sentence.
The result – even just watching a movie allows you to learn the language at a decent level. It is recommended to practice a little more pronunciation. This provides an efficient way to secure the resulting material. You can communicate by voice or in correspondence via the Internet, or with familiar native speakers.
The term of learning a language depends on many factors: the frequency of watching films, the amount of practice. If rapid learning is required, the duration of the practice should be extended.

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