Apple has dramatically increased the price of the iPad mini everywhere except the US

October 21, 2022, 12:42

Apple’s pricing policy has always been aggressive: the company does not hesitate to put bold price tags. On the other hand, it rarely resorts to raising the prices of already released devices. However, the recent release of the entry-level iPad 10 , which has significantly increased in price over many generations of its predecessors (£499), breaking the logic of pricing outside the US, as a result of the iPad mini 6 became Apple’s cheapest tablet. They decided to rectify the situation radically by immediately adding £90 to the price of a one-year-old iPad mini 6 – now in the UK it costs £569 and £749 (64 and 256 GB) against £479 and £619 the day before, which is already 19 and 21% more expensive.

Apple резко взвинтила цены на iPad mini везде, кроме США

A similar situation is observed in other EU countries. For example, in Italy, the iPad mini 6 now costs 659 and 859 euros, although it was previously offered for 559 and 729 euros – almost the same + 18% to the price. Slightly more modest growth is observed in the Asia-Pacific region: in Australia, for example, iPad mini has risen in price by 11%. At the same time, there were no price jumps in the US, because the iPad 10 was initially priced at $ 50 cheaper than the iPad mini 6.

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