Limited edition photo set for production Xiaomi 12S Ultra released

November 09, 2022, 12:51

A week ago, Xiaomi took a new step towards innovation with the introduction of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept with bayonet mount for professional lenses for Leica cameras. And although the device itself is far from commercial implementation, the company decided to pamper especially zealous fans with a limited gift set-case for the regular Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which imitates some of the features of professional cameras. So, the set includes a special orange case that allows you to attach a dummy cover to the round camera module, a pair of special 52 mm filters, a bag for carrying them on your belt, as well as a lens hood, with which the smartphone will look even more like a cool camera.

Выпущен лимитированный фотонабор для серийного Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Speaking of filters, one of them is a polarizing filter that allows you to suppress glare in pictures. The second is a beam filter and is designed for artistic photography. With it, all point light sources look like they emit rainbow rays.

Выпущен лимитированный фотонабор для серийного Xiaomi 12S Ultra Выпущен лимитированный фотонабор для серийного Xiaomi 12S Ultra
An example of a polarizing filter
Выпущен лимитированный фотонабор для серийного Xiaomi 12S Ultra Выпущен лимитированный фотонабор для серийного Xiaomi 12S Ultra
Beam filter examples

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