2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review. Portable workstation

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

The category of large laptops is not in particular demand. Most models with a 17″ screen are most often represented by the gaming segment. But today’s reviewer is special. 2E Complex 17 Pro is able to surprise its potential owner. This model is definitely worthy of attention, because it has almost no competitors on the Ukrainian market.

Technical parameters of 2E Complex 17 Pro:

Diagonal 17.3″
Expansion FHD (1920×1080)
Matrix type IPS
Scan frequency 60 Hz
Video card Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Processor Intel Core i7-1260P
Number of cores / threads 12/16
Processor frequency 2.1 GHz to 4.7 GHz
Type of RAM DDR4, 3200 MHz
The amount of RAM 32 GB
Energy capacity of the battery 73 W
Battery life Until 2 p.m
Accumulator 1TB M.2 SSD
Webcam 1.0M HD
nutrition Adapter 19 V 4.74 A, 90 W
WLAN Wi-Fi 6 AX201
Dimensions (WxDxH) 395×250.7×19.8 mm
Weight 2.25 kg

Packaging and assembly

The laptop is packed very modestly. An ordinary cardboard box without any inscriptions and colored emblems. Minimalism in all its glory. If it helped reduce the final cost of the product, it is only good.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

Inside is a laptop, a charger, a power cable, documentation, and a screen wipe. What else does the average user need from a laptop?

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

Design, screen, keyboard 2E Complex 17 Pro

The 2 E Complex 17 Pro laptop has well-thought-out ergonomics. Engineers killed two birds with one stone when they decided to hide part of the screen. The hinges are located in such a way that when opened, the upper part of the laptop hides behind the lower part.

As a result, the user gets visually small screen frames and the main part of the laptop is slightly raised. This, in turn, improves air ventilation. During light operation, the fans did not turn on. The lower part is well ventilated.

Normal gaming laptops look very simple and imperfect after this design. The 2E Complex 17 Pro is a large laptop, but it feels relatively compact. The screen looks low and wide at the same time. All thanks to such a successful design.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

The display is matte. Diagonal 17 inches. The IPS matrix has a resolution of 1080p. The picture is not bad, although the shades are cold. Viewing angles are good. Matte coating is not afraid of sunlight. The reserve of brightness is sufficient. But I would like a lower minimum threshold. At night, the display may be too bright for some users. You have to turn on “night mode” in Windows.


The keyboard is not distinguished by anything special except for the adjustable backlight. You can set any color and choose the intensity of the backlight. But the touchpad deserves attention. It is huge. More than on the Macbook Air. It is easy to get used to it. It’s nice to work with such a touchpad. Overall, the controls on the 2 E Complex 17 Pro are pretty good.

The camera is neatly placed on top. It is not necessary to make a cutout like in the Apple Macbook M 2 in order to fit the web in small frames. The quality of the camera is low, I would like better in a laptop for this price.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

Synthetic tests and games

2E Complex 17 Pro feels fast in work tasks. The Intel Core i7-1260 P CPU has a good reserve of power. This laptop is suitable for programmers, designers, architects, economists, etc.


In Geekbench 5, the laptop gives a decent result. Among portable devices, this is a good indicator.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

The result of Geekbench Open CL for integrated graphics is also at a solid level. It is enough for working programs.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

Browser benchmarks did not disappoint. Over 220 Speedometer 2.0 points. The results of Web XPRT 4 and Google Octane 2.0 were pleasing. Heavy sites load quickly, the laptop works in Internet applications easily and casually.

The built-in SSD shows excellent speed. This is not a top model, but 3 GB/s is quite enough for lightning-fast system operation.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

These laptops are not for video games. But let’s consider a rare scenario when a potential owner of Complex 17 Pro wanted to remember his school/student years. This model is equipped with integrated graphics, which is enough for many demanding games.

It is convenient to have fun on the 17″ screen. Considering that the laptop display is closer than the computer monitor, everything looks quite large. The difference between the classic 15″ models is much bigger than it might seem.

Autonomy and heating 2E Complex 17 Pro

The laptop is quite cold. Most of the time, the cooling system works in passive mode. To make the fans earn money, you will have to run heavy programs or games. While watching videos, typing, working with spreadsheets, surfing the web, playing video games or running benchmarks, the laptop stays cool. Compared to gaming models, Complex 17 Pro keeps temperatures incredibly low.

The autonomy of 2E Complex 17 Pro pleasantly surprised. The laptop is equipped with a powerful battery of 73 W * h. Typical Gaming laptops have up to two times worse battery life. Powerful video cards destroy the battery before your eyes. The absence of a discrete adapter of this model is a huge advantage. Those for whom 2E Complex 17 Pro is designed do not require powerful dedicated graphics to work.

In offline mode (without the Internet – regular power outages), the laptop dropped by 6% per hour of work in text editors. This means that a fully charged battery will be enough for 13-15 hours of operation in this mode.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

During frequent power outages, the 2E Complex 17 Pro was able to watch 4-5 full-length movies on a single charge. No wonder, there are laptops with the best autonomy, but before us is the 17″ model. Most similar laptops can only dream of such a result.

“Game monsters” are not his competitors in this regard. The 2E Complex 17 Pro is a very interesting proposition in a market that has almost no alternatives at this price.

But in the end, let’s note the shortcomings. Although this laptop holds a charge really well, I would like less energy loss in sleep mode. In 6 hours, the laptop dropped by 4%. It could be better. You can also hear a strange hiss of the throttles in some active work scenarios.


This is a rare case. There are really very few worthy analogues of 2E Complex 17 Pro (53,000 UAH) on the Ukrainian market.

It so happened that manufacturers associate 17″ screens with video games. Most competitors are equipped with discrete graphics cards, which are not necessary for the target audience of the Complex 17 Pro.

2E Complex 17 Pro laptop review.  Portable workstation

Why can’t gaming laptops compete with it? This is a workstation with a built-in monitor and battery, not an entertainment console. Accessories of completely different classes for different categories of people.

What will a gaming laptop user get regarding 2E Complex 17 Pro (in the same price category):


  • You can play more demanding video games;
  • 120-144 Hz screen;
  • Brand inscription;


  • 40-60% less battery capacity;
  • Much weaker/older processor;
  • Half the amount of RAM or storage (sometimes both);
  • Large frames, ergonomics, primitive design;
  • Heating, noise of the cooling system;

Closest competitors:

LG Gram

Asus VivoBook 17 X

LG Gram Pro

Let’s consider those rare cases when the future owner of a 17″ work laptop will put the video card as a higher priority than the rest. We are trying to fit in the price tag of Complex Pro 17. All of them lose with the memory subsystem (RAM+SSD) and have up to two times worse autonomy.

The closest game “competitors”:

Gigabyte G 7

Asus F 17

Lenovo Legion 5

thoughtful design, fast processor, good memory subsystem, excellent autonomy, good cooling.

whistling throttles, weak camera, cold shades of the screen.

The 2E Complex 17 Pro is a great laptop. It will suit those who need a large computer with good autonomy. Decent memory subsystem (32/1000 GB) together with Intel Core i7 of the 12th generation. Matte screen with thoughtful design. This is a good “working train” for every day, which is pleasant to spend working hours. 2E Complex 17 Pro has almost no competitors on the Ukrainian market. All these gaming laptops will not interest serious people. Paying for a video card that the owner will not use is pointless. Few 17″ models can offer such a set of features with decent autonomy. A workstation that is always at hand. Big, but comfortable. Powerful, but autonomous. 2E Complex 17 Pro is not for everyone. It is far from perfect, but the lack of decent analogues makes it successful purchase in certain circles of people.

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