Church holiday November 24 – which saints are honored and which ceremonies are held

What church holiday do believers celebrate on November 24 and what should be done today – find out at .

The Great Martyr Mina lived in the 3rd century, served as a soldier under the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. One day he left military service, went to the desert, spent a lot of time in fasting and prayer. Later, he appeared at a pagan festival and accused everyone present of dishonor. He said that he used to be a pagan too, but he came to open people’s eyes to the true God.

The rulers convinced him to renounce his faith, and because of his refusal, he was tortured for a long time. They were imprisoned in a dungeon, where they were soon killed. Christians buried the remains of Min’s holy relics in their homeland.

The Orthodox holiday of November 24 is the day of memory of the martyr Victor

Victor lived in the 2nd century and was a soldier under the ruler Antoninus. The military leader Sevastyan wanted Victor to deny Christ and threatened him with death. The believer replied that suffering for the Lord is good, and he would be happy if he could experience them. Viktor was tortured for a long time and terribly, at the end he was flayed and burned.

A certain Stefanida, seeing Viktor’s suffering, also declared herself a Christian. She was summoned to the ruler, who asked the girl to come to her senses and bow to the idols. Having refused, she also became a victim of cruel torture and soon died.

Signs of November 24

Folk signs today / photo

Folk signs today / photo

  • the sun shines, but does not warm – winter will be cold;
  • crows built a nest not far from the house – expect disaster;
  • to find viburnum in the forest on November 24 – to success in the future;
  • how many storks are dizzy above the head – there will be so many problems.

What can’t be done today

According to folk beliefs, it is strictly forbidden to paint lips or wash your hair on this day – it was believed that a woman who violated the ban would soon fall ill. You can’t lift something from intersections or roads, you shouldn’t start new things if you haven’t finished the old ones. Legends say that an evil force punishes people for empty talk on this day, so watch what you say.

What can be done on November 24

Our ancestors noticed that if it is hot on this day, the winter will be clean. An even number means that the girl will get married next year, an odd number means that she will be a virgin for a long time.

The second ritual is even simpler – you had to eat something salty at night and put a glass of water on the table. When going to bed, say: “Bridegroom-married in a dream, come, bring me a drink of water– Then the future groom will dream.

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