James Cameron says Avatar 2 needs to raise at least $2 billion to cover costs.

James Cameron says Avatar 2 needs to raise at least $2 billion to cover costs.

With just three weeks to go until one of the most anticipated movie releases of 2022, Avatar 2, James Cameron and Disney-owned 20th Century Studio are continuing their massive promotion. Simultaneously with the posters of the main characters, an extensive interview with GQ was released, in which the director told several interesting details, including the budget of the film.

If you recall, in early 2021, James Cameron’s original Avatar reclaimed the title of the highest-grossing film of all time (adjusted for inflation) thanks to a rerun in China, and is still holding it securely with $2.9 billion worldwide. This is the result after taking into account all reruns, including the recent showing of the updated “Avatar” with a restored 4K HDR image in Ukrainian cinemas.

James Cameron did not specify the amount that 20th Century Studio spent on the production of the second part of “Avatar” with the subtitle “The Path of Water”, but noted that the film is “extremely expensive” and is “the worst business case in the history of cinema.” Cameron also said that it can be considered profitable only if it becomes “at least the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history.” This is the break-even point of Avatar 2. Currently, the fourth place in the ranking of the highest-grossing films in history (without taking into account inflation) is occupied by the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, which collected $2.068 billion at the global box office. That means Avatar 2 needs to raise at least $2 billion to start turning a profit. Will he succeed?


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Cameron also made it clear that there is a lot of new (and expensive) technology behind Avatar 2. Among other things, the director highlighted a new camera system based on the Sony Venice, which essentially simply connects several high-end cameras together to create a stereoscopic 3D system. Previously, he particularly praised the high dynamic range of the cameras. Apparently he also figured out how to film and track movements simultaneously above and below water. Cameron is known for his ingenuity and creative approach—for example, for the original Avatar, he designed a camera that allows him to see the characters in their CGI environment in real time as they shoot. He is also known for his vision of the role of technology in film production. Yes, he was among the first to promote 3D, but sharply criticized the way others used this technology.

Trailer “Avatar 2” in the original (in English)

“Avatar: The Path of Water” will be released in Ukrainian cinemas on December 15. The sequel, which will tell about the underwater world of Pandora, will be released 13 years after the release of the original film. The second part was directed by James Cameron, who directed the first film, and starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet.

The events of the second “Avatar” will take place more than a decade after the plot of the first part; the film will tell about Jake, Neytiri and their children during the next battle for Pandora. From then on, new films from the franchise are planned to be released every two years, with at least two more films planned. Earlier, James Cameron said that Avatar 2 will last about three hours and suggested that after the third or fourth film in the franchise, he may entrust the series to another director. If the second part fails at the box office, the story could end with a third film, although ideally Cameron wants to make five films.

  • James Cameron’s Avatar was once nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director; as a result, the film won three awards, including awards for best cinematography, visual effects and production design.

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