Patriot on the western Ukrainian border — Poland wants to transfer to Ukraine the American anti-aircraft missile systems offered to it by Germany

Patriot on the western Ukrainian border — Poland wants to transfer to Ukraine the American anti-aircraft missile systems offered to it by Germany

At the night meeting of the UN Security Council on Russian strikes on Ukrainian energy, Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on partners to support the Ukrainian formula for peace and provide more funds for air defense to effectively counter Russian terror (on November 23, the European Parliament finally recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, and two days before that, Parla NATO) against the civilian population. The international reaction to another act of energy terrorism on the part of Russia did not take long: the Minister of National Defense of Poland appealed to Germany with a request to transfer to Ukraine the American Patriot anti-aircraft missile complexes previously offered to Poland to strengthen its air defense.

In Poland, they believe that this is the best way to increase security and defense against missile attacks by Russia.

Patriot on the western Ukrainian border — Poland wants to transfer to Ukraine the American anti-aircraft missile systems offered to it by Germany


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After the next Russian missile attack, I asked Germany that the Patriot batteries offered by Poland be transferred to Ukraine and placed on the western border. This will protect Ukraine from further casualties and blackouts and increase security on our eastern border.”

Mariusz Blaszczak,

Minister of National Defense of Poland

This idea was also supported by the head of the ruling “Law and Justice” party, Yaroslav Kaczynski, commenting on Germany’s proposal to hand over Patriot air defense systems and Eurofighter fighters to Poland in an interview with PAR.

“For the security of Poland, it would be better if the Germans transferred this equipment to the Ukrainians and taught them [использовать военную технику] Ukrainian crews with the condition that these batteries will be located in the western part of Ukraine.”


We still do not have the MIM-104 Patriot air defense system, although Ukraine has repeatedly requested this latest American anti-aircraft missile system, which is used by the United States and its allies. This medium/long-range air defense system is manufactured by the American Raytheon, significantly superior to all air defense systems of the Armed Forces, as well as enemy ones. Currently, it exists in three versions. The complex consists of 6-9 batteries, each battery contains 4 launchers (each one accommodates four missiles). A modern radar with phased array antennas provides support for more than a hundred targets and allows simultaneous firing of up to 8 targets. With a rich arsenal of multi-purpose missiles, the Patriot can engage multiple ballistic and cruise missile targets, as well as other highly maneuverable targets, including active, passive and thermal homing warheads. The cost of supplying 9 batteries (4 PUs per battery) of Patriot systems can reach $9 billion (36 PUs of the Patriot PAC-3 missile (9 batteries of 4 PUs), 288 Patriot PAC-3 missiles, 216 air defense systems with advanced GEM guidance -T, 10 radar sets with phased arrays, 10 target acquisition control stations). Undoubtedly, the MIM-104 Patriot air defense system is capable of significantly strengthening Ukraine’s air defense and helping to create a multi-layered anti-missile defense system. “Ukrainian Air Shield”.

NATO weapons: F-16 Fighting Falcon, Patriot PAC-2, THAAD, Leopard 2 and others

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