Top 5 Black Friday GT Racer Seats

Top 5 Black Friday GT Racer Seats

That familiar feeling when you get up from your workplace and want to stretch your whole body? And when you come home and want to play dota, but the neck has already said so far and left the chat?

To take care of yourself and the health of your back, you should properly equip your workspace. And in order not to spend money on dubious office furniture, it is worth contacting those who are definitely in the field. Gamers call themselves eSportsmen for a reason, although they spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. And that’s the whole secret in it – it definitely has something that makes it convenient for long-term work in one position without discomfort.

In the partner material, we will talk about five models of chairs from GT Racer, on which the manufacturer has prepared discounts before “Black Friday”.

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The GT Racer X-815L chair will be a versatile option for those who work during the day and want to play in the evening. It has a laconic design without pronounced decor, characteristic of traditional gamer models. At the same time, the chair has many parameters for adjustment – only the armrests can be adjusted in three positions.

This model will easily fit into the interior of the office and will not look strange in a minimalist space, and most importantly, it is equally comfortable for any season, because the mesh upholstery of the chair. This is the best option for the office, because the mesh “breathes”, which means that it will not be hot and uncomfortable, as in leather chairs.

The entire design of the chair with an aluminum frame that can withstand a load of up to 150 kg and an ergonomic design deserves attention. with neck and lumbar support. The chair can be adjusted in height and depth of the seat, and the proprietary Synchro mechanism allows you to lean back – an inclination of up to 120 ° is available. This will help relieve muscle tension during long work – take out the footrest, adjust the rocking stiffness with the handle located under the seat, and take a break in complete comfort for the body. Under the seat there is a control panel for adjusting all other parameters, it is easy to find on the right side of you.

The price has been reduced, and instead of UAH 27,999 on Black Friday, the chair will cost UAH 24,999.

The GT Racer X-815L chair is available in two colors – blue and red.

The GT Racer X-8007 chair model is more traditional for the gaming class. It has two upholstery options – eco-leather and fabric, but one type of foam filler. The latter has a memory effect, thanks to which the chair is quite elastic and comfortable, adapts to the user’s body and allows you to work in one position for a long time.

This is also facilitated by the orthopedic back, which has rollers that support the lower back. The backrest can be tilted 180 ° and almost lie horizontally. After a long game session or working at the computer, such a break will help quickly relieve the back. Also, the design provides for the MultiBlock mechanism, which allows you to sway in the chair. The lever under the seat adjusts the stiffness of the swing, and the anti-shock system will protect against accidental tipping back.

The chair can withstand a load of up to 150 kg, has a strong metal frame and base. Adjustable in height and allows you to adjust the position of the armrests in four directions. They have a soft coating so that the user can comfortably lean on his elbows.

Before Black Friday, the price of the chair was reduced to UAH 13,999.

The GT Racer X-8007 chair is available to order in three versions.

The GT Racer X-2534-F chair model is similar to the previous one, but with a more pronounced gamer design. Its design with an S-shaped back, in addition to lumbar support, provides two more pillows. They are attached to straps that allow you to adjust the height of the pillows or remove them altogether.

A retractable footrest is also a plus of this model. Together with the possibility of tilting the backrest up to 180°, the footrest will allow you to lie down completely in the chair. and relax after a busy day. Even the armrests of this model have large soft pads. The GT Racer X-2534-F chair seems to hug the user and even more resembles a seat in a sports car.

There is a chair for changing the posture Tilt rocking mechanismBut the position can be completely fixed with a lever under the seat, if you need to concentrate on work. The chair can be adjusted in height, as well as the armrests, so everything can be adjusted in a few seconds.

The advantage of the chair is a wide selection of colors. The base in all variants is black, and the accents are made in seven colors. This will allow you to choose a chair in accordance with other game accessories or the interior of the room. Upholstery is always made of eco-leather – it is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

The price of the chair is from UAH 7,599. reduced to UAH 6,999.

You can view all versions of the GT Racer X-2534-F chair on the website.

GT Racer X-0712 model has a perfect balance between gaming convenience and discreet design. This chair is upholstered in fabric, making it more comfortable for working in the office, but retains all the advantages of flexible adjustment and construction of a gaming model.

The foam filling precisely follows the body shape, and the orthopedic backrest allows you to recline 180°to relieve muscle tension. The rocking mechanism is already familiar MultiBlock, and the frame is also metal. The sturdy support with five wheels makes it easy to slide, and thanks to their cut-out coating, you don’t have to worry about marks or scratches on the floor.

Plus chairs – neck and back pillows. They are also on straps, like the previous chair, so they can be removed or adjusted in height if necessary.

If you need to choose a chair for the office, then this model is optimal. It does not force you to compromise in terms of comfort and will not stand out from the interior with an overly bright appearance.

On Black Friday, the chair can be purchased at a discounted price of UAH 9,799. instead of UAH 10,799.

You can order the GT Racer X-0712 chair via the link on the website.

GT Racer X-801 is a classic solution for the office or home study, it has an orthopedic design with an aluminum frame. The backrest has three zones to support each part of the spine – neck, shoulder girdle and lower back. Withstands a load of up to 150 kg.

Upholstery made of mesh and fabric elements allows the material to breathe and be stable and durable for daily use.

You can adjust any detail – the headrest, the depth of the seat and the height of the chair. The rocking mechanism, like the first model, is called Synchro. The armrests, which are adjustable in three positions, are similar.

According to the design, the GT Racer X-801 will fit into a minimalist workspace as simply as possible, it looks quite concise and not too large. This is the best option for work when you want to protect your back from trouble.

Until Black Friday, this chair model will be discounted: instead of UAH 21,499, it will cost UAH 18,499.

You can order the GT Racer X-801 chair on the website.

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