How to store potatoes in an apartment all winter: simple tips

Especially prudent Ukrainians have already prepared their balconies for strategic stocks. However, there are several ways to save potatoes in a city apartment.

How to store potatoes in an apartment: simple ways / Illustration by REUTERS

Potato season is in full swing, so the price for your favorite vegetable is minimal. That is why most Ukrainians prudently buy it with a reserve for autumn and winter. There will be no problems with its storage in a private house, but not everyone knows how to store potatoes in a city apartment.

will tell about several proven methods.

Basic tips for storing potatoes in an apartment

The hostess needs to be meticulous about the condition of each potato, preparing it for long-term storage in the apartment. Potatoes must be whole, without signs of rotting or damage. Even one spoiled potato can spoil several kilograms.

Very often, housewives have a question about how long potatoes are stored at room temperature. The range between 4 and 5 °C is considered ideal for storing this vegetable. Potatoes are best stored in conditions of 80% humidity.

It is important to remember that potatoes do not like to be in the neighborhood of other vegetables. However, you can safely store potatoes at home next to beets. It will absorb excess moisture.

How to store potatoes in an apartment on a balcony

A balcony is the best way to store potatoes in an apartment in winter and autumn. However, it must be insulated. At sub-zero temperatures, the vegetable will spoil immediately. If your balcony is able to maintain a temperature of 4-5 ° C, then potatoes will be stored in it until spring.

It is best to store potatoes in wooden boxes or baskets. For reliability, you can insulate them with a blanket or foam.

How to store potatoes in an apartment without a balcony

In this case, you can keep your strategic supply in the kitchen. Of course, several bags of potatoes will not fit in the kitchen, but they will be enough for several weeks of vegetables.

Potatoes can be stored in a cardboard box, but make sure it is dry. Choose a non-humid place away from the oven.

How to store potatoes in the refrigerator

The refrigerator is not suitable for storing a large supply of potatoes. However, he can keep some potatoes, like a week’s supply.

Potatoes are best stored in the vegetable container of the refrigerator. Before that, wash and dry each potato. Pack it in fabric or paper bags. Avoid polyethylene, otherwise condensation will form, which will “kill” your vegetable.

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