Nova Poshta invites Ukrainians to recharge their gadgets during the blackout — almost all branches have generators and a 5-day supply of fuel.

Nova Poshta invites Ukrainians to recharge their gadgets during the blackout — almost all branches have generators and a 5-day supply of fuel.

“Nova Poshta” reported that almost all branches in large population centers are equipped with generators and have fuel reserves for 5 days – the leader of express delivery in Ukraine suggests that Ukrainians apply for the need to recharge gadgets during a blackout. This is another alternative to “Points of Unbreakability” and other self-catering facilities that can operate during blackouts.

After the large-scale Russian attack on November 23, which temporarily knocked out power to all nuclear plants, as well as most thermal and hydroelectric plants, Ukrainian businesses stepped up preparations for a possible longer-term blackout – the largest retail stores and shopping malls, banks, gas stations, operators and Internet providers, and postal and logistics . Companies are actively buying generators.

As for “Nova Poshta”, the company purchased another batch of generators to supply the entire branch network with them until the end of November. In the event of an emergency power outage in all regions of Ukraine, in branches with generators, customers can receive all services: send and receive parcels, withdraw cash, pay in cash, online through a mobile application, by direct debit or by card through a POS terminal if there is a connection with the bank.

You can find out the address of the nearest branch with a generator by following the link (table xlsx).

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The Nova Poshta company should be thanked for such an initiative during these difficult times – earlier, Rozetka, OKKO and many other Ukrainian companies with autonomous power also invited Ukrainians so that they could recharge their devices and get in touch with relatives and friends. It is very inspiring and inspires confidence in a bright future.

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