The Kremlin was disgraced with a “biting” fake about the liquidated occupier who “cut down the Ukrpov” (video)

According to the version of the Russian mother, her son himself went under the bullets during the morning battle.

The occupier's mother told how he was

The mother of the Russian occupier Kostyantyn Pshenychkina, who was liquidated in Ukraine, told the dictator Vladimir Putin about the “sing-hero” who was going to “chop Ukrainians”, but something went wrong.

His mother told a “poignant” story about the occupier in the Kremlin during Putin’s alleged meeting with the parents of “mobs” who were “denazified” in Ukraine. However, the dictator’s propagandists missed the script.

According to the woman, her occupier son was eliminated during one of the morning battles, when the enemy came close.” The woman knows the details of the “denazification” of Rashist so well that she even quoted his last line.

“He jumped out of the trench, called fire on himself. And his last words were: “Let’s go, brothers, to cut down the ukr*pov,” the woman said.

Putin, listening to the mother of his cannon fodder, sipped tea and portrayed the emotion of sympathy.

As it turned out later, Pshenychkin is not a mobster, but a mercenary who apparently fought in the Ukrainian Donbas. Journalist Volodymyr Zolkin published a photo of Pshenichkin’s tombstone. The data on it indicate that the occupier was “denazified” as early as 2019.

“Russian mothers: the most interesting news

The mothers of the Russian occupiers willingly send their sons to kill Ukrainians, and when they call from captivity, they surprise with unnatural reactions.

Recently, Ukrainian journalist and blogger Volodymyr Zolkin called the mother of a captured Russian soldier. He wanted to give her the opportunity to talk to her son, but the woman decided to be rude and hang up.

Before that, the mother of 41-year-old occupier Fanis Zarifullin from Tatarstan said that her son went to war in Ukraine because of money. The day before, he was fired from his job for drinking. However, the man has already drunk all the money earned on blood.

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