WIZ smart lamps: controlled via WiFi and Bluetooth, with 20 lighting scenarios and self-learning

Smart lighting can gently wake you up, teach you on your own, or even simulate the presence of the owners in the house, which will deter burglars. But not all devices can be considered smart.

In a partner article with WiZ, marketing manager Oleksiy Degtyar talks about the characteristics that can be used to identify smart lamps and what they should be able to do.

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What are smart devices?

Nowadays, many people dream of a house that provides coziness, comfort and security. And so many smart products appear on the market: vacuum cleaners, sockets, cameras, refrigerators and so on. All this is about the concept of a smart home.

But before you go shopping, you should prepare. This is necessary in order not to become a victim of another Chinese Ostap Bender, which smart device implies the presence of a control panel or timer.

Let’s understand the nuances of the concepts “smart home” and “smart device”. Here are the main differences between smart things:

  1. You control them remotely – via wireless communication protocols and the Internet.

  2. Such devices can solve more tasks than their “unintelligent” counterparts.

  3. They can interact with other smart devices.

  4. Smart devices learn or at least update themselves.

If a device can’t do something, it definitely has no right to be called smart.

What a smart lighting

Let’s try to learn how to determine how smart such things are and take one of the lighting systems on the market as an example. And at the same time we will decide whether it deserves attention. It’s about WiZ lighting.

A little background: The WiZ brand is owned by the Dutch company Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, and is the largest lighting company in the world. Originally, WiZ lighting appeared in 2017 as a technology startup. The prospects of its development were evaluated by Signify, and in 2019 WiZ came under its management.

What does it mean? Well, at least today’s smart lamp manufacturer WiZ is part of a serious high-tech company with a history of more than 125 years. Its portfolio includes both consumer and professional lighting systems: Hue, Interact, etc.

What’s in the WiZ range?

  • Standard and candle-shaped lamps. At the same time, there are both matte and filament lamps with a transparent bulb, which are as similar as possible to classic incandescent lamps.

  • Lamps – ceiling “tablets” in white and black design, accent lamps with different number of spotlights, floor lamps, portable table lamps that can be used as night lights.

  • LED strips, street garlands and accessories – Motion sensors, smart sockets, control panels.

Not a very wide range, but the apartment can be fully equipped. At least few of the competitors can boast of that. Moreover, Signify promises to significantly expand its range next year.

More options for WiZ smart lighting

How to define a smart lamp

We tell you how to check whether WiZ belongs to the lucerna sapiens category or, simply put, “smart lamp”.

Support for management via wireless communication protocols and the Internet

WiZ devices communicate with the user using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s not as cool as Zigbee in Hue lights, but at least you don’t need a separate router, which makes the system cheaper. And in that case, you can control the lamp from your phone via Bluetooth even without Wi-Fi.

The speed of reaction to manipulations in the mobile application is not instantaneous, but it is fast at a normal Wi-Fi signal level. Remote control over the Internet is supported. It can be assumed that the first point of inspection has been passed.

Solving a wider range of tasks than conventional, “unintelligent” devices

In addition to the light itself, you can adjust the brightness level of WiZ lamps and change their color temperature – the shade of the glow. Depending on the model, you can set warm or cold light or any color from the RGB palette. The built-in “circadian rhythms” function allows you to synchronize the lighting with the users’ biorhythms. When this function is turned on, lamps and lamps reproduce natural sunlight during the day, adjusting the flow and level of illumination depending on the time of day.

You can also set automatic light on/off – this will simulate the presence of the owners of the house and reduce the possibility of the apartment being robbed when no one is home.

The mobile application has more than 20 static and dynamic scenarios that will allow you to create the desired atmosphere with just one click of a button. For example, the dynamic “Fireplace” mode will make the lighting warm, muted, and the brightness will change, imitating the play of a living flame. You can create your own scene and save it for future playback.

The alarm clock mode will make it easier for you to wake up: even before you need to get up, the lighting will turn on and gradually increase its brightness. Waking up will be easy and comfortable. In the period of fan outages, the ability to choose the behavior mode of the system after a blackout is very relevant. When power is applied, the light may remain off or return to the last mode. In addition, the program monitors electricity consumption for lighting and you can always see how much your lamps “eat”.


One of the newly announced features is SpaceSense technology. It allows WiZ to determine changes in Wi-Fi field intensity between lamps and recognize movement. This can be a breakthrough not only in the field of lighting, but also in security. There is a possibility that the familiar motion sensors will soon go into the shadows.

WiZ gives the owner much more than using any “stupid” lamps, even adjustable and with a remote control. Therefore, we also consider the second check point to have been successfully passed.

More WiZ “smart lighting” on the website.

Interaction with other smart devices

Since WiZ, in addition to light bulbs and lamps, offers smart switches, motion sensors and sockets in its assortment, you can stop there. But these are all home devices. What about devices from other brands? According to the manufacturer, WiZ has been certified according to the Matter standard. This is a standard developed by the Alliance for Connectivity Standards and it promises to provide an unprecedented level of interoperability between smart things from different manufacturers in the near future.

Additionally, Wiz users can integrate lighting with Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa. Advanced smart users can also use the IFTTT web serviceIf This Tnen That, with which you can create automated scripts. For example, turn on the light in the corridor when opening the smart lock. Or increase the brightness of the outdoor lighting if the smart camera has detected movement in the garden. Or reduce the brightness of the light when turning on the smart TV.

So everything is fine with the interaction with other elements of a smart home in WiZ. Therefore, here too, you can give a rating of “passed successfully”.

You can see WiZ smart lighting devices on the website.


An ideal smart device should have mechanisms for learning and adapting to the surrounding environment and the habits of the owners. An ideal smart device should learn and know the preferences of users.

But today, such an adaptive approach has not yet been fully implemented, as it involves the use of powerful neural networks and a special algorithm for their training. However, premium smart vacuum cleaners already map the room to optimize the cleaning route. However, they often forget the map, apparently, sclerosis is an inseparable companion of the mind.

In addition, smart devices must be able to learn new features and update security protocols, such as protection against hacker attacks. It is important that users do not need to dance with a tambourine, subscribe to specialized forums and learn firmware flashing techniques.

WiZ lamps are able to independently update their software, expand the list of automatic scenarios and learn new functions, albeit with some limitations. Yes, the new SpaceSense technology works with lamps released no earlier than the middle of last year. Here, unfortunately, backward compatibility is not one hundred percent. However, we can say that the WiZ lighting system also meets the requirements for the fourth point.

As a result, we analyzed which devices can be called smart using WiZ as an example. Now you can analyze your other smart gadgets and decide how smart and promising your personal investment in the Internet of Things was.

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Where to buy WiZ

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