“The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus was poisoned”: the political scientist answered whether Lukashenko will be the next (video)

According to the political scientist, the Kremlin has always been irritated by Lukashenka’s actions.

Putin already had the opportunity to remove Lukashenka / photo REUTERS

Russian political scientist and publicist Andriy Piontkovsky talked about what could have caused the death of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Volodymyr Makei. According to the expert, this is a very important signal.

Thus, on the air of FREEDIM, Piontkovsky was asked to comment on the information from American intelligence that the Kremlin has already allegedly approved the physical removal of Lukashenka. Now that Mackay’s sudden death has become known, there is a reasonable question about whether there is a pattern to all this.

According to Piontkowski, Mackay’s death looks very suspicious:

“So, back in 1948, when Stalin was restoring order in another of his vassal states, Czechoslovakia, the first impetus for the turnaround was the murder of the pro-Western Foreign Minister Masaryk, who was thrown out of the window… Mackay was probably simply poisoned. I am almost sure that the removal Makeya is a share of Moscow, they always hated him, always blamed him for the multi-vector nature of Lukashenka.”

Piontkovsky noted that the determination with which the Kremlin took this “action” gives him serious grounds for assuming that the American special services have serious arguments to talk about Putin’s desire to remove Lukashenka. According to the political scientist, the Kremlin has always been irritated by Lukashenka’s actions. According to the expert, he “desperately resisted the absorption” of Belarus by Russia. Lukashenko was ready to “serve faithfully” to Putin, but did not want to turn into a “Minsk secretary.”

“There is a motive for the crime, the liquidation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a very suspicious sign,” Piontkovskyi believes.

According to the political scientist, Lukashenko has been desperately “looping” for 9 months since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. He is ready for anything: for Russian troops on his territory, for strikes from his territory, but not for the participation of his army in the war. The publicist noted that Lukashenko suspects that all this will turn against him.

“Everyone has noticed: Putin commits crazy, desperate, suicidal acts after public humiliation, but he is very thin-skinned in this regard. You remember, after Samarkand… He took all the craziest steps: and mobilization, and annexation with referendums, even” Nord Streams “exploded”, the political scientist recalled and added that now Putin is dissatisfied with the behavior of Lukashenka, who “did not satisfy” his wishes.

However, Putin already had the opportunity to remove Lukashenka, added Piontkovsky. But then the bloody dictator lost this chance because he put his personal ambitions above this goal. Putin did not want the “fall of the dictator” during the elections in Belarus, and therefore did not dare to eliminate Lukashenka. Now, according to the political scientist, the bloody dictator is one step away from “jumping into the abyss.”

Mackay’s death: what is known

On November 26, BelTA reported with reference to the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Anatoliya Glaza, that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Volodymyr Makei, died suddenly at the age of 64.

It was assumed that he was allegedly the main channel of Lukashenka’s communication with the West. In addition, Makei was the executor of the Kremlin’s “delicate assignments” and was considered a master of intrigue.

Makey’s death became known after analysts reported that morning that the Russian Federation was preparing to eliminate Lukashenka in order to control the army of Belarus.

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