Horoscope based on Tarot cards for the next week: three signs of the Zodiac will smile at success at once

Gemini will be able to win big.

All the wishes of Cancers will come true / photo ua.depositphotos.com

The new week from November 28 to December 4 will bring luck to three signs of the Zodiac at once. The tarot horoscope promises them unprecedented success. Who will be the most lucky – read below.


Gemini will be lucky to meet an influential person who will help them solve problems. Tarot cards promise you unheard of luck. Gemini will be able to quickly achieve success in any endeavor. Most importantly, do not be afraid to show your strength and do not be distracted from important goals for the sake of momentary pleasures.


All the wishes of Cancers will come true, the new week will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions. Success will finally smile at you. Tarot cards advise you to boldly move forward and not think about the past. You should also not trust gossip. Listen to your voice and success will no longer turn away from you.


Scorpions will be as productive as possible. You will be able to quickly solve all the tasks and requests of your superiors. In addition, the new week will bring unexpected surprises to Scorpios. You will literally be able to catch luck by the tail, all gifts will be pleasant, and all events will be joyful. However, Tarot cards advise Scorpios not to give in to all the temptations around, be prudent and avoid risks.

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