KRAIL took on the “daughters” of 1xBet in Ukraine: a total inspection is underway

KRAIL sent letters to the organizers of gambling games with a warning about the prohibition of any ties with the aggressor state.


The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries conducts an audit of all gambling organizers officially operating in Ukraine under a license regarding their ties to the Russian Federation.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the head of KRAYIL, Ivan Rudy, in an interview with Forbes.

“My position: there should not be even a single hint of a Russian trace in Ukraine. The first thing I did after returning from the Armed Forces (where Rudy served until November 2022, – ed.) was to hold meetings with the SBU. We are now working very fruitfully for almost all organizers (of gambling games, – ed.),” said the head of the commission.

According to him, after the scandal surrounding the licenses issued in March 2022 to the Russian bookmaker 1xBet, KRAIL sent letters to the rest of all the gambling organizers who received licenses with a warning about the prohibition of any ties with the aggressor state and the need to be firm.

As for those companies whose connections with the aggressor country have already been reported by the Ukrainian mass media, as Ivan Rudy says, the SBU, the Bureau of Economic Security and the State Financial Monitoring Service are already working for them simultaneously.

“A total check of all the organizers is underway… And the decision of the commission will not make you wait,” Rudy assured.

It should be noted that we are talking about a number of companies that received a license to conduct gambling games in Ukraine, but which are suspected of being connected to the Russian bookmaker 1xBet or other Russian companies.

In particular, the journalists discovered that “PointLoto” LLC, which has a license to operate PointLoto online casino, at the time of obtaining it, was called “Melbet” LLC – the same as the name of the official bookmaker working in the Russian Federation, which today belongs to the Russian “Mellofon” LLC. , and earlier to a company called “1XStavka”, which is a “clone” of 1xBet, which is allowed to work officially in the Russian Federation.

In addition, suspicions were raised by Play Fan Investment LLC, which in January 2022 received a license to operate the Fan Sport online casino, which has a practically identical site design, the same odds and a common “risk taker” (a company that analyzes odds, – ed. ) from 1xBet.

In addition, “Fan Sport” does not work on the site for which it has been issued a Ukrainian license, but conducts gambling on a third-party site.

The Russian trail has about Ukr Game Technology LLC, which has a license from KRAIL to operate the Pin-Up online casino as early as 2021. This casino was owned by Marina Ilyina, a native of Luhansk, who later sold her share in the company to Oleksandr Udodov, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin. Probably, that is why both citizens of the Russian Federation and residents of Belarus can still register and play on the Ukrainian website Pin-Up.

Meanwhile, as is known, LLC “Your Betting Company”, which tried to bring the Russian bookmaker 1xBet to the Ukrainian market, is today trying to regain its licenses in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. The head of KRAYIL, Ivan Rudy, said that he hopes that LLC “TBK” will lose in court.

“Because we understand what kind of people these are… I would be interested to see a judge who will say that we, the SBU, the BEB, were wrong (in the decision to cancel the license of a company connected to the Russian Federation – ed.),” Rudy summarized .

We will remind you that the Russian bookmaker 1xBet tried to regain his license to work in Ukraine even before the court decision, but the judge refused him this

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