In Odesa district, water supply has been restored in almost all communities

The water disappeared in the area due to a rocket strike by the enemy on December 5.

Water was given in Odesa district / photo

Water supply has been restored in almost all communities of Odesa region.

“As of today, the issue of water supply and drainage of almost all communities of the Odesa district has been resolved,” said the head of the Odesa regional military administration, Maksym Marchenko.

He also added that the energy company plans to re-connect the power supply scheme so as to heat the city during the day without outages.

“Currently, DTEK and Ukrenergo have an opportunity to reconnect the power supply scheme in order to provide electricity to all consumers of Odesa and the Odesa region already this night in order to heat the city during the day without blackouts,” he said.

Attack on Odessa on December 5: consequences

On December 5, the Russian occupiers launched a massive missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Air defense forces shot down 61 of more than 70 enemy missiles.

Later, it became known that rockets hit energy facilities in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, and Odesa regions. In Odesa and most of the communities of the Odesa district, after the missile strikes, the electricity and water supply disappeared, and the work of all boiler plants was stopped. In the evening of December 6, it became known that the water supply was restored in Odesa, today, December 7, public electric transport did not work in the city due to the lack of electricity.

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