Russian “Dosh” will stop broadcasting in all Baltic countries

The Latvian license gave the channel the right to distribute its content in the European Union, the USA and other countries.

Following Latvia, the broadcasting license of the Russian TV channel “Dosh” was revoked by Lithuania and Estonia.

The decision was made by the country’s regulators, as Postimees writes.

The Latvian license gave the channel the right to distribute its content in the European Union, the USA and other countries.

In Estonia, “Rain” was broadcast by Telia, Elisa and Home 3, but two of these TV operators included the channel in an extended package of channels.

“Rain” is the channel of choice among Elisa’s television packages, so the suspension of this TV channel will affect a small part of the client base,” said Elisa’s media relations manager Taavi Teder.

New scandal with Dosh TV channel

On Dec. 2, the news anchor said the team would continue to talk about Putin’s mobilization, saying he hoped that by doing so, “we have helped many mobilized people, in particular, with supplies and basic amenities at the front.”

The Latvian regulator fined the TV channel EUR 10,000, warning that the media license would be revoked after the third violation.

Later, “Dosh” stated that the audience allegedly misunderstood the host’s words. The host himself was already fired.

The employees of “Dosh” call themselves liberal media. Russians fled from Russia to Latvia and continue to speak for their citizens.

Earlier, Dosh published a map of Ukraine without Crimea.

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