Ukraine destroyed another myth about the Russian army – Zhdanov

According to the expert, explosions at airfields will affect not only the image of the Russian army, but also society.

Zhdanov explained how explosions at airfields destroyed another myth about the Russian army / Maxar

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that with strikes on Russian airfields, Ukraine completely destroyed another myth about the invincible army of the Russian Federation.

As he stated on Apostrophe TV, these incidents proved that the story of the Russian Federation about the “strongest and most impregnable” air defense system was also a fake.

“In principle, we completely destroyed another myth. If at the beginning of the war Russia boasted that it had the “second army in the world”, then I will remind you that Russia has always emphasized that it has the strongest and most impregnable air defense in the world. But it so happened that there were explosions,” Zhdanov noted.

According to the expert, explosions at airfields will affect Russian society as well, and can also create anti-war sentiments within the Russian Federation.

“Indeed, such explosions and at such a depth from the border with Ukraine form public opinion in terms of the fact that “this is not our war and there is no need to interfere”, and frighten the population and create anti-war sentiments. However, support for this war remains quite high. They calculate that there is a regular army there somewhere. They are not told that it is no longer there, that army is almost gone. Let it fight, we support it, but we will not go to war ourselves. This is how attitudes are formed in Russian today society,” explained Zhdanov.

Attacks on airfields in the Russian Federation

On December 5, a “cotton” incident occurred at the Russian airfield “Engels”, located in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation. Unknown drones attacked the strategic aviation of the occupiers. On the same day, explosions rang out at the Diaghilev airfield in the Ryazan region.

Ihor Koziy, a military expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, did not rule out that a large number of aircraft were destroyed in Russia as a result of “cotton”. Therefore, in his opinion, the Russian Federation will simply try to transfer and hide everything after that.

Later it became known that at least 9 bombers disappeared from the parking lot at the Diaghilev strategic aviation airfield in the Ryazan region. It is about the Tu-22M, as well as the damaged plane explosion.

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