The national holiday of Babina Kashi on January 8: how it is celebrated and what not to do

Babini kashi is an ancient folk holiday from the times of Kyivan Rus, dedicated to midwives and pregnant women.

Babini kashi January 8 / photo

Babini kashi is a national holiday on January 8, which was widely celebrated in Kyivan Rus. The holiday is dedicated to women in labor who bring new life into the world, as well as midwives who helped the child to be born. Historians and scientists believe that this holiday was a manifestation of the cult of motherhood among the Slavs.

As mentioned, Baba’s porridge – traditions and customs

On this day, it was customary to cook a big cauldron of porridge and invite all relatives home for a festive dinner. Since the Christmas fast has already ended, you can add meat, crackers or cottage cheese to the porridge. If there is a woman among relatives who recently gave birth to a child, then they came to visit her and brought porridge or chicken pie.

It was customary to give gifts to the midwife on the holiday of Grandma’s Porridge. Representatives of this important profession were highly respected, because without their work childbirth would be much more difficult. Pancakes, pies, porridge and liqueur were brought to the midwives. Often, young girls who were not yet pregnant came to the midwives to meet the midwife and discuss women’s wisdom.

Midwives in Kyivan Rus became women after menopause, who themselves were mothers of many children. It is important that all their children are alive and well. The midwife had to be a widow or a blameless wife. The character of such a woman should be stable and firm, but at the same time kind, so that she can comfort and support the woman in labor.

On January 8, the babies had their first haircut. Another ancient custom was observed by men on this day – they went to visit their mothers-in-law with gifts.

What can’t be done on Babina porridge

  1. According to ancient omens, on this day, pregnant women cannot cut their hair, curse their mother, or walk without a hat.
  2. On this day, you need to be kind and tolerant to pregnant women. You can’t shout at them, scold, frighten and anger a pregnant woman, otherwise the child will be born sick.
  3. This day is bad for fishing and slaughtering livestock.

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