For years he was puzzled: Zelensky explained his refusal to negotiate with Putin

The Ukrainian president recalled that the negotiation process with Russia had been stalled for 8 years.

Zelensky is not going to talk to Putin / photo

Vladimir Putin is using the negotiation process to buy time to regain strength and launch a new offensive. That’s why it’s pointless to talk to him, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said in an interview with Sky News.

Zelensky emphasized that Putin does not need real peace talks. He uses them to delay.

“Years before the big war, he was just thinking about it, he didn’t need them. The Russian Federation talks about negotiations only at the moment when it needs regrouping or when it suffers great losses,” the president said.

In his opinion, it will be possible to resume dialogue with Russia only after the Russian troops leave the territory of Ukraine, admit their mistakes, and the government in Russia itself changes.

“If he has no purpose for the world, why talk to him?” – Zelensky asks.

Negotiations with Russia are the latest news

President Zelenskyi has repeatedly stated that it is pointless to negotiate with the current leadership of Russia. Recently, he even doubted that Putin is still the decision-maker in Russia.

Russia itself claims that negotiations are allegedly impossible only because Ukraine refuses them. According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, the possibility of negotiations is allegedly prohibited by the laws of Ukraine.

At the same time, some foreign leaders still believe in the possibility that the war in Ukraine can be ended simply through peace negotiations. In particular, Turkish President Erdogan constantly calls for negotiations.

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