Some branches of “Ukrposhta” offer strange versions of LED bulbs under the free exchange program

Some branches of

As we wrote earlier, a program of exchanging incandescent light bulbs available in the population for LED bulbs has been launched in Ukraine. According to the plan, the exchange of up to 50 million light bulbs will save approximately 1 GW of power – the typical output of one NPP power unit.

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The implementation of the program is in full swing, and photos of light bulbs offered by various post offices have already begun to appear on social networks. Some of them raise questions and surprises:

In the first photo, it looks like low-power LED bulbs with a small bulb of approximately 4-6 W. On the third, decorative lamps with red LEDs are probably “posing” (images and markings on the boxes usually match their contents). It is difficult to call them an adequate equivalent for exchanging ordinary incandescent lamps for 40-100 W.

Let’s turn to the press. According to TSN, these lamps were issued in Kyiv at the General Post Office in the presence of the head of Ukrposhta, Ihor Smilyanskyi. In the photo, quality Phillips lamps equivalent to 40 W, as well as lamps from another manufacturer, equivalent to a power of a 75 W incandescent lamp.



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Another testimony comes from the Lutsk publication “Konkurent”. OSRAM lamps with an equivalent of 40 W, providing a light intensity of 470 lumens. Another manufacturer, but still they can be called a suitable replacement for a 40-60 W light bulb.


As you know, the purchase of 30 million lamps for the exchange program was financed by the European Union. Another 5 million lamps were provided by France. Ukraine had to purchase the remaining 15 million. The government did not specify the lamps of which wattage and which manufacturer were provided for exchange.

It would be interesting to learn from readers which lamps were offered to them for exchange (preferably with photo confirmations). It would be even better to receive an explanation from “Ukrposhta” or state authorities.

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