February 6: folk customs and omens that cannot be done today

The national holiday of February 6 is known as Aksinia-half-winter.

National holiday on February 6 / photo

National holiday on February 6 / photo

Today, Orthodox believers celebrate the church holiday of February 6 – the day of memory of Saint Ksenia. will tell what are the ancient folk customs of this day and what should not be done today.

The holiday of February 6 is the day of memory of Saint Ksenia

Xenia lived in the 5th century and was the daughter of a famous Roman senator. Being quite young, the girl decided to remain a virgin, not to marry, and then left home with two female slaves. After going to Alexandria, the girls met the abbot of the holy abode of St. Andrew the Apostle, located in Milas. Ksenia went there, bought a plot of land and built a church, where she founded a monastery, where she later became a deaconess.

Ksenia became famous as a saint who led many souls away from sin, always helping those in need with a word or a prayer. She was engaged in charity work and preached the Christian faith.

The Slavs nicknamed this holiday “Aksinya-half-bread” because of the many signs and traditions associated with the date.

Traditions of February 6

What should be done for Ksenia the half-lover / photo ua.depositphotos.com

What should be done for Ksenia the half-lover / photo ua.depositphotos.com

On this date, the peasants noticed that half of the winter had already passed. They checked the bread stocks – it was believed that for the new harvest they would need as much bread as they had already eaten. Hence the names of the holiday: “half-wheat” and “half-winter”.

There was a simple divination on bread, which helped to find out whether the price of bread would rise. People took baked bread and weighed it in the evening on scales, and repeated the procedure in the morning:

  • the weight of bread decreased – the price will fall;
  • increased – bread becomes more expensive;
  • the weight has not changed – the price will remain unchanged.

Based on the price, people knew what the harvest would be. If prices decrease, then the harvest will be good, if they increase – meager, and the bread itself will be expensive.

What not to do on February 6

Our ancestors noticed that if the weather is bad on this day, it will be okay. You can’t tie knots today – it “attracts” death. The dreams you will see on the night of February 5-6 are ambiguous. They will come true, but on the contrary. At the same time, you cannot tell anyone about them, otherwise it will not come true.

Folk signs of February 6

Weather signs today / photo , Denys Pryadko

Weather signs today / photo , Denys Pryadko

  • What is the weather like on this day – so will spring;
  • windless weather today – the second half of July will be dry and hot;
  • the clouds are rare and high – there will be a thaw;
  • blizzard on February 6 – spring will come late.

According to belief, young people should not be the first to sit down at the dinner table, otherwise they will cause death. That’s why elderly people took the trouble away from children and started the meal earlier than others.

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