Putin is conducting a “game of attrition” against the West, counting on victory – Estonian intelligence

Estonian intelligence officers do not yet see the prerequisites for the collapse of Putin’s Russia.

Putin is sure that

The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is still confident in the strength of his military machine, despite the failures of the Russian army in the first year of the war with Ukraine.

As stated in the annual report of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Estonia, the Russian dictator is convinced that time is on his side – he continues the invasion of Ukraine, counting on the internal resources of the Russian Federation being able to cover all the needs of the Russian military machine.

At the moment, Putin’s strategy is to weaken Western support by prolonging the war in Ukraine.

“Putin is biding his time, believing that Ukraine and the West will tire sooner than Russia,” the message reads.

After that, he expects to bring Ukraine to the negotiating table and impose his conditions on it, according to intelligence officers.

Also, they do not yet see the prerequisites for the collapse of Putin’s Russia. Despite the fact that the Russian military command did not expect such a pushback from Ukraine at the beginning of the invasion, the Kremlin remains confident in its ability to influence the course of the war and shows no signs of weakening “imperialism”.

At the same time, the Russian elite is increasingly inclined to the opinion that Putin has simply “gone mad”, but no one risks saying this to the dictator’s face.

Why Putin attacked Ukraine – the opinion of experts

Russian troops launched a full-scale war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Currently, the mass media, intelligence officers and experts are not sure of the final reason for the Russian leader’s decision to attack Kyiv. They talk about Putin’s personal motives, health problems, and the direct influence of his entourage.

Earlier, former KGB and Russian intelligence officer Serhii Zhirnov said that Putin started the war in Ukraine because of his fear of the protests that started in Kazakhstan in 2022. With this he signed the death sentence.

Ex-Deputy of the State Duma Gennady Gudkov singled out three reasons why Putin unleashed a bloody war against Ukraine: he wanted to improve his political rating, destroy the good life of Ukrainians, and take revenge for the revolution in 2014.

Danish intelligence believes that Putin’s “crazy” decision to attack Ukraine could have been influenced by the side effects of hormone treatment.

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