Ukrainian gas workers created their own meters: to whom and when they will be installed


The regional gas company completed the certification of “smart” gas meters developed by specialists of the R&D department. They will begin to be manufactured and installed for gas consumers as early as 2023.

Metering devices combine a membrane meter and a smart module with a modem built into the housing. Thanks to the modem, the device will automatically transmit gas consumption data to the gas distribution company.

“Now many people have left their homes and do not have access to metering devices. Because of this, they have difficulties with billing. Smart meters will eliminate these problems, – explained Yaroslav Havrel, head of the “Development and Research” department of the RDK. – Besides, it is simply convenient , even when you haven’t gone anywhere – you don’t have to worry about handing in your certificates at the beginning of each month.

The membrane counter is based on components of the world-famous Italian brand Mesura. A smart module with a modem was developed by RGK specialists.

The production of smart meters will begin in the II quarter of 2023 at the facilities of the Ukrainian metrology centers RGC Metering. The first batch of 16,000 meters will be manufactured this year.

“New meters will be installed as part of the investment program of gas distribution companies, and they will be intended for commercial sale. The new installation is usually developers. As part of the investment program, we will replace old metering devices that have not passed the inspection with new meters free of charge,” said Yaroslav Havrel.

In Ukraine, more than 10 million gas meters have been installed for household consumers. Only a few tens of thousands of them have smart systems. Other consumers have to submit their meter readings every month.

After the start of mass production of smart meters, ordinary meters will be replaced by “smart” ones, if the corresponding funds of the National Energy and Mineral Resources Commission are provided for in the investment programs approved by the commission for the operators of the timing system.

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