What to plant for seedlings in February: the most popular vegetables and flowers

will tell you what to sow for seedlings in February in order to get a luxurious harvest in the spring.

What to plant for seedlings in February / ua.depositphotos.comWhat to plant for seedlings in February / ua.depositphotos.com

February is the last month of winter and a good time for seedlings. In February, summer residents plant vegetables in a greenhouse or on a windowsill. The month is considered good for sowing late-ripening and slow-growing crops. Connoisseurs of beauty plant flower seedlings in February, which will delight with bright buds already in the spring.

Earlier we talked about what to plant for seedlings in January.

What flowers to plant for seedlings in February

  • Daffodils and tulips are often planted in February so that they bloom by March. It is recommended to add ash and sand to the soil. By spring, the bulbs are transplanted from the seedling into the flower bed.
  • Begonia is a good flower for seedlings in February. A little sand, peat and rotted leaves should be added to the soil for the flower. Until the seeds germinate, the ground should be covered with a film.
  • Petunia is planted in mid-late February. It is best to plant seeds in separate cups or in peat pellets. Seedlings should be placed in a well-lit place, or additionally illuminated with a lamp.
  • Turkish cloves are planted in a mixture of leaf humus and sand in equal parts. The seeds are sown to a depth of 1 cm and with an interval of 3 cm. The crops are covered with paper.

What to plant for seedlings in February: vegetables

Late-ripening tomatoes are planted for seedlings in mid-late February. This is how you can get an early harvest of vegetables. Tomato seeds are sown in moist soil in small boxes, cups or pots. The crops are covered with 1 cm of soil and placed in a warm place. Tomatoes are transplanted into the ground in April or May.

Medium and late bell peppers can be planted from the beginning of February. Seeds should be soaked in wet gauze or cloth before sowing. Peppers are planted in cups – 2 seeds per cup. Then sprinkle the seeds with soil, cover with a film and put in a warm place. With the appearance of the first sprouts, the film is removed and pepper is placed on the windowsill.

Eggplants begin to be planted in mid-February. It is recommended to soak the seeds in a manganese solution for 15 minutes to protect them from diseases. You can add sawdust and ash to the soil for eggplant. Two eggplant seeds are placed in one glass, lightly sprinkled with moist soil and covered with a film. It is very important to put eggplants in a warm place. The stairs will appear in a week.

Leeks and onions are planted in mid-February. Before planting, the bulb should be soaked for a day in warm water. Then the bulbs are planted in moist soil and placed on the windowsill. The plant is transplanted into open soil in May.

Berries for seedlings in February

In February, strawberries and strawberries are planted for seedlings in order to harvest the berries at the beginning of summer. The seeds should be soaked and dried. Fill a shallow container with a height of no more than 4 cm with a mixture of soil and sand in equal proportions. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the ground.

Strawberry seedlings should be placed in a warm place, for example, on a battery. For the first two weeks, the seedlings should be covered with a film. After 5 days, sprouts will sprout, and after 2 weeks, the first leaves will appear. In April, strawberries should be transplanted into separate containers, and in May, the plant is transplanted into the ground.

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