Church holiday on February 20, 2023: what can and cannot be done

What holiday do Christians celebrate on February 20, signs and prohibitions of this day.

Church holiday February 20 /

On February 20, the Orthodox Church remembers Reverend Luka Yelladskyi. This Greek saint lived over a thousand years ago. Today is also the day of memory of Saint Parthenius.

The national holiday of February 20, 2023 is known as Luke’s Day, Mighty One’s Day, Fenya – saving roots.

The Orthodox holiday of February 20 is the day of memory of St. Luke

Luke Styriot, or Luke of Hellas, lived in Greece in the 10th century. From an early age, he helped people and devoted a lot of time to prayer, and after the death of his father, he decided to become a monk. At first, he lived as a hermit for 7 years in the church of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Vardusia. Later, due to the invasion of the troops of the Bulgarian king Simeon I, he was forced to move to Corinth, and then to Patras for 10 years, after which he returned to Yanimaki, where he lived for 12 years.

Luke’s prayer was so powerful that during it he rose into the air. For strict asceticism and great love for people, the saint was endowed with the gift of providence and healing of mental and physical illnesses.

At the age of 44, the monk became a hermit and went to the desert island of Ampelon, and then settled in the mountains of Helikon. There he gathered followers and together they built the church of St. Barbara. After the death of the monk, this church became the beginning of the Orthodox monastery of Osios.

The saint was buried in his cell, the relics of St. Luke exuded myrrh and healed from the most serious diseases.

The Orthodox holiday of February 20 is the day of memory of Saint Parthenius

Saint Parthenius lived in the IV century. His father was a deacon in Melitopol on the Hellespont. The boy had no education, but from a young age he listened to the reading of the Holy Scriptures in the church and tried to live according to its commandments.

At first, he was a fisherman, caught and sold fish, and gave away all the money he earned to the poor. For his good attitude towards people, Parthenius received the gift of healing and exorcism.

Hearing about his mercy, the bishop of Melitopol, Phylitus, ordained Parthenia as a priest, and later the metropolitan of Cyzicus, Askalus, made him the bishop of the city of Lampsaka. With his prayers, speeches and evangelical way of life, the saint managed to convert the city to Christianity: he obtained permission to destroy pagan temples and received money to build a church.

All his life, Saint Parthenius helped people and healed any diseases, never refusing anyone. He was revered by many believers. The saint died in old age, leaving behind the example of his life.

Signs for February 20

Signs of February 20 / photo

Here are the omens on Luka that spoke about the weather:

  • if it melts on Luka – to a warm summer;
  • blue clouds – there will be warm weather;
  • red sun at sunset – the summer will be cold and windy;
  • thunder rumbles – to be a bad haymaker.

What can be done on February 20

On the day of St. Luke, people prayed a lot and thought about the meaning of life and being. Also, on February 20, deceased ancestors were commemorated and graves were visited.

Traditionally, pies with onions were baked on St. Luke’s Day: a few pieces had to be left on the doorstep – for deceased relatives, and also given to beggars – for good luck. It was believed that everything devoted will return with joy and prosperity.

What not to do on February 20

You can’t fight, swear, hold grudges against Luka. If a bad deed is done on this day, it will return a hundredfold. It was also believed that a wedding cannot be held on February 20, as it is a memorial day. If the prohibition is violated, the marriage will not bring success and will be short-lived.

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