Sweden allocates almost 50 million dollars to help Ukraine: details

The funds will be used for humanitarian and energy support of Ukraine.

Sweden will allocate 520 million kroner to help Ukraine / ua.depositphotos.com

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, the Swedish government decided to allocate another 520 million Swedish kroner (over 49.8 million dollars) to help Ukraine. The funds will be directed to humanitarian efforts and assistance to the energy sector of Ukraine, which has suffered destruction as a result of Russian shelling.

As reported on the website of the Swedish government, this support is financed through existing programs in the Swedish budget. SEK 220 million will be allocated for humanitarian aid, and another SEK 300 million will be directed to the Energy Support Fund of Ukraine, established in 2022.

“Sweden’s support to Ukraine is decisive and of immediate importance both in the short and long term. Thanks to the assistance we are announcing today, the lives of people who find themselves in a very difficult situation will be made easier, and at the same time Ukraine will be given the opportunity to meet its basic energy needs,” emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Sweden, Johan Forssell.

It is noted that humanitarian aid will be distributed among humanitarian organizations. It will be aimed at the purchase of essential goods, including medicines and food. Also, from these funds, certain monetary assistance will be paid directly to people.

Aid to Ukraine from Sweden

On February 23, it was reported that the Swedish authorities are ready to send some of the Leopard tanks they have in service to Ukraine. Stockholm is preparing another package of military aid for Kyiv.

In addition, Sweden received Ukraine’s request for the transfer of Swedish-made Gripen fighters, but is not yet ready to provide them. The Swedish Minister of Defense noted that strengthening the air defense system of Ukraine is a priority for his country today.

In early February, the Swedish parliament approved the government’s initiative to provide Ukraine with SEK 4.3 billion ($406.7 million) to strengthen its defense capabilities. Sweden will transfer military equipment to Ukraine that its own army can do without for a certain period.

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