A retired FSB colonel assessed the probability of supplying lethal weapons from China to Russia.

With such actions, the People’s Republic of China gets involved in the conflict against the international coalition.

China has no reason to massively supply Russia with lethal weapons. In this case, the PRC will get involved in a conflict with the international coalition and will be subject to sanctions. And the Middle Kingdom was only recently in a state of trade war with the USA.

Russian politician and retired FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov shared this opinion in an interview with . He stated: “China, by helping the Russian Federation militarily, is actually getting involved in a conflict with the international coalition. Of course, I cannot rule anything out now, but why does China need this? For the whole world to repent and include some mechanisms of restrictions? What does China need? Putin? I don’t think the Chinese will stand up for him and there will be massive supplies of weapons to the front.”

According to Hudkov, the Celestial Empire seeks to restore normal relations after the trade war with the United States. As for the peace plan of the People’s Republic of China, it should contain clauses on the withdrawal of troops from the temporarily occupied territories, recognition of guilt and reparations. Otherwise, according to the Russian politician, the proposal will not be adopted. No one will agree to significant concessions for Russia.

Russia’s aid from China: current information

On the anniversary of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Spiegel journalists published an article about the preparation of the supply of weapons to the aggressor from China. According to reporters, it is about one hundred units of ZT-180 kamikaze drones.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China responded to the information in the media: “China has always shown a prudent and responsible approach to military exports, it does not sell weapons to conflict zones or warring parties.”

The Celestial Empire also presented its “peace plan” on February 24. It includes respect for the sovereignty of all countries, cessation of hostilities, resumption of negotiations, etc.

The US criticized the Chinese plan. As President Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan said, the entire list of proposals could end with “respect for sovereignty.”

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